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Hormone Imbalance Can Cause Mental Health Conditions Such as Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Issues To Name A Few. Here’s What You Need To Know

Treating hormonal imbalance can influence your wellness in a profound way.

When hormones are out of “whack, your life is out of whack”. Mood changes, foggy brain, and weight gain are the most common results but there are several changes in the body that takes place due to a hormonal imbalance

Here is everything you need to know about the imbalance, the causes, the symptoms, and what should be done. 

What are hormones? 

Hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and insulin are created by endocrine glands and work as chemical messengers throughout your body to accomplish a wide range of important physical and chemical functions – from turning on/off hunger cues to running your reproductive systems, and even influencing emotional states and mood.

The chemical messengers are produced in the endocrine glands and they then move through the body to regulate different functions. The levels of hormones in the body are tightly regulated by the signals that the gland receives, and this may be due to the fact that any slight change in levels can cause massive changes in body functions. 

What are the signs that you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance? 

Some would say that a fluctuation in mood is the most prominent sign that the hormones in your body are imbalanced. However, there are several red flags that point to the imbalance. 

These are: 

A hump of fat between shoulders: In persons who have a hormonal imbalance, especially cortisol, a lump of fat is seen behind the neck in the back portion. This hump of fat may be an abnormal growth.

Reduced muscle strength: Muscle contraction is an integral part of the way the human body functions. The contraction helps to pick up things, exercising, and so much more. 

During a hormonal imbalance, reduced muscle contraction is seen. 

Frequent urination: Urine output is regulated by the hormone levels in the body. There are some who generally find themselves visiting the washroom a number of times in the day as part of their general routines. However, the cause for concern is when this becomes too frequent. The inability to control yourself may point to a hormonal imbalance. 

Stretch marks: Stretch marks can occur due to many factors such as pregnancy, an adolescent growth spurt etc. Whenever the skin experiences stretching, these marks appear. 

The sudden appearance of these if not expected can indicate hormone levels being out of whack. 

Acne: A sign specific to females, acne generally appears when the hormone levels are changing, which makes it a common sight during puberty when the hormones are undergoing rapid changes in levels.

Hirsutism: Another sign of hormone imbalance specific to females is the growth of unwanted hair or hirsutism. Usually, females have fine thin hair on the body, unlike their male counterparts. 

In hirsutism, thick hair begins to grow on the face, neck, arms of women.

Erectile dysfunction: The inability to have an erection, or sustain it through sexual intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction. A sign specific to males, this occurs during hormonal imbalance. 

Hormonal imbalance can occur in persons of any age, even children. The common signs in children would be the body characteristics not changing during puberty, impaired growth of sex organs, delayed menstruation etc. 

Detox and weight loss

One of the most common signs of hormone imbalance is weight gain. People often, in the endeavour to lose this weight, try different diets, weight loss pills, etc. 

However, the cue is to lose weight naturally. 

The weight loss program in Melbourne’s My Vital Health Solutions couples weight loss and detox. 

Weight Loss and Detox goes hand in hand!

One of the biggest hormonal imbalances experienced by women is oestrogen dominance, causing stubborn weight gain. 

By implementing an estrogen clearing diet incorporating mainly a vegetarian, high fibre diet, estrogen is cleared via the gut and liver to accentuate weight loss.

Greens, fruits, vegetables, and foods that are digested quickly and fibre-based work wonders in a detox diet. 

The weight loss program in Melbourne also aims to improve your state of well being, keep you motivated, keep your mind healthy as well as your body. 

How does naturopathy establish hormonal balance? 

By testing hormones using saliva testing, an accurate picture and levels of hormones are measured to influence the right treatment and diet.

My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne and the aim is to focus on the root issue that is affecting your health, instead of on the side effects. 

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has guided people who come in with severe hormonal imbalances and given them the right hormonal imbalance treatment

The process is never an overnight one but one that requires intense focus, attention to your body, understanding of what is wrong, and working towards improving your health.

Take the hormonal quiz now!

Vital Health and Natural Medicine — hormonal imbalance is at the root of many seemingly unsolvable health issues, but where do we begin detecting what’s out of whack? Print it out, tick the boxes and start to get back on track…

HORMONAL IMBALANCE CAN be a confusing thing to decode. Our hormones drive every function in our bodies, and when something is out of whack our bodies will let us know — frequently in the form of common symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and painful periods. Learning how to identify imbalance gives us major power over the state of our well-being.

Domenic Pisanelli is a naturopathic functional medicine doctor experienced in treating hormonal imbalances.

Below is a hormone quiz Domenic  uses to help determine which hormonal imbalances you might be struggling with. Once you understand your hormones you can seek out the right kind of help, and begin your journey to resetting them and reaching better health.

The Hormonal Imbalance Quiz

Here’s how to take the quiz: As you read through the eight categories, mark down the symptoms that apply to you currently. Total up your symptoms in each category, note how many apply to you and jot down the number in the box next to “TOTAL”. Once you’ve gone through each of the categories, take a look at Domenic’s results at the end.


I experience bloating or puffiness.

I feel irritable or experience mood swings.

I experience heavy, painful periods.

I have gained weight or have difficulty losing weight, especially around my hips, butt, and thighs.

I’ve been told I have fibroids.



I’m emotionally fragile and/or I feel nostalgic about the past.

I have difficulty with memory.

My periods are fewer than three days.

I struggle with depression, anxiety, or lethargy.

I have night sweats and/or hot flashes.



I experience PMS seven to ten days before my period.

I get headaches or migraines around my period.

I feel anxious often.

I have painful, heavy, or difficult periods.

My breasts are painful or swollen before my period.



I have abnormal hair growth on my face, chest and/or abdomen.

I have acne.

I have oily skin and/or hair.

I have areas of darker skin (e.g., armpits)

I’ve noticed thinning hair on my head.



I have a low libido or diminished sex drive.

I struggle with depression, have mood swings or cry easily.

I have no motivation.

I am tired or fatigued throughout the day or have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

I’m unable to gain muscle, and I’m losing muscle mass.



I feel tired in the morning, even after a full night’s sleep.

I depend on caffeine to get through my day.

I want to take naps most days.

My energy crashes in the afternoon.

I crave salty or sweet food.



My life is crazy stressful.

I feel overwhelmed by stress.

I have extra weight around my midsection.

I have difficulty falling or staying asleep.

My body is tired at night, but my mind is going a mile a minute—“wired and tired.”



I have brain fog or feel like my memory isn’t quite what it used to be.

I’m losing hair (scalp, body, outer third of the eyebrows).

I’m tired no matter how much I sleep.

I’m constipated often and need a stimulant (like caffeine) to get a bowel movement.

I’m cold and/or have cold hands and feet.


Answer Key

0 or 1 box checked in a category = This category is unlikely to be a culprit in the symptoms you’re experiencing.

2 to 3 boxes checked = This just might be your troublemaker, meaning right now this is likely the dominant hormone aggravating your symptoms.

Category A: Too Much Estrogen

Category B: Too Little Estrogen

Category C: Too Little Progesterone

Category D: Too Much Testosterone

Category E: Too Little Testosterone

Category F: Too Little Cortisol

Category G: Too Much Cortisol

Category H: Too Little Thyroid Hormone

Should you wait for the signs to show up to visit a naturopath?

No. Often that is the common mistake people make. The earlier the hormonal imbalances are diagnosed, the sooner you can start addressing them naturally. 

At Vital Health and Natural Medicine, comprehensive testing will be initiated to measure the levels of hormones using accurate saliva measurements.

Once the levels are measured, a comprehensive protocol which is highly individualised will be initiated, and with constant monitoring and support, balance and wellness will be the outcome.

Picture of Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.