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Attempting To Lose Stubborn Weight Without The Right Approach Is Unwise!

The overload of toxins that the body experiences makes the weight loss journey difficult. Shed weight the right way through a detox approach.

Exposure To Toxins Is A Long Term Hazard To Health!

Through our lifestyles and diets, the body is exposed to a multitude of toxic substances. While there are anatomical and chemical barriers present to prevent these from mixing with the blood, they still manage to find their way into the bodily systems due to inflammation or holes in the gut lining or an unhealthy immune system. 

The entry of these toxins into the system can lead to problems that manifest into various conditions. The fat-soluble toxins are stored in the fatty tissues of the body and they continue to remain there for long periods of time, causing discomfort, affecting the body’s ways of functioning and leading to stubborn weight gain.

Why Is Detox Important While Trying To Lose Weight?

These days, there are many approaches to losing weight such as crash diets, keto diets and depriving oneself of meals. These ways although followed religiously by many do not often yield the expected results. 


During weight loss, there is a breakdown of the fat tissues in the body. The toxins stored in these tissues are liberated and dissipate out of the tissue flowing out into the rest of the body. Thus it is important to follow a detox during the journey of weight loss, in order to let the tissues breathe, get the nutrients of a natural diet and limit the exposure to toxins to a minimum.

Naturopathic Detox Program Melbourne

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Why Does The Body Require A Detox?

The industrialisation that the world has witnessed in the past few decades coupled with the fast-paced lifestyle we lead and the stressors we are exposed to account for a lot of damage to the organs. Though this might go unnoticed, the man-made toxins such as xenobiotics that are prevalent in cosmetics, beauty products, cleaning solutions etc. all accumulate and keep multiplying in the fat tissues. 

In order to cleanse the system, simple juices and temporary approaches are of no value as they will provide relief for the time being but not have you feeling light from within. Naturopathy instead aims to detox following the body’s natural processes. 

The liver is the principal organ involved in the detoxification and elimination of toxins. Acting as the primary filtration system of the body, this organ converts the toxic substances to a form of waste and clears it out from the system. Along with cleansing of the body, the liver also performs the metabolism of essential nutrients and substances that aid in absorption and good digestion. 

During a natural detox, the following is seen to: 

  • Alcohol and other drugs are eliminated from the diet, so as to relieve the pressure on the liver from metabolising these
  • Sleep is recommended, as this is the time that your body recharges itself and wastes are taken care of
  • Plenty of water to remove the waste products that build up in the system. These are products such as urea and carbon dioxide and if not eliminated can build up and cause disease and distress to the body
  • Excess free radicals can cause the body a condition known as oxidative stress. Having plenty of antioxidants in the diet helps counter this
  • Probiotics and nutrients are also essential components of a healthy diet

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Seek Natural Help For Detox and Weight Loss!

Though it may seem that weight is difficult to lose, it is often the approach that is employed that needs to be corrected. Naturopathy aims to do this by finding the root cause of what is hindering the weight loss process and through addressing the root causes, aims to get it back on track. 

The way the absorption and detoxification processes are designed is so that maximum absorption of nutrients takes place along with the elimination of wastes. Right from the microbiome and the immune system to the gut function, everything works in harmony. When this is disrupted due to hormonal imbalances or digestive problems, people find that it is difficult to lose weight. 

Thus, when the journey of weight loss is coupled with detox and naturopathy, the root issues are addressed and change is seen.

At My Vital Health Solutions, you can be assured that your detox and weight loss will be helped by: 

  • The cause of toxin accumulation is addressed instead of dealing with simply losing the weight
  • The physiological traits of the person along with genetics and heredity are taken into consideration
  • Nutrient absorption is enhanced to facilitate increased uptake 
  • Counselling and friendly and warm staff who ensure confidentiality and make it easy to communicate about stressors
  • The goal is to lead a happy life once the triggers have been managed

Feel well from within! No ‘miracles or get healthy overnight’ approach. Simply natural therapy.


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