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The Microbial Population In The Gut Controls Overall Health!

Various factors are responsible for throwing gut health off balance and upsetting the homoeostasis of the body. Naturopathy provides a simple path for getting to the root of these issues.

What Is Gut Health?

Beginning at the mouth, through the oesophagus, continuing through the stomach, the intestines and ending at the anus, the long tube that controls the passage of food and its absorption is called the gut. Previously, this portion of the body was said to be responsible for digestion and absorption and issues in this area would only be addressed where a digestive abnormality was found. 

In recent years, however, research has indicated that the microbiome found in this area controls more than simply digestion, but a whole host of other functions and ultimately the homoeostasis of the body. It is essential to manage the bacterial population of this region for a good balance in health and well being and naturopathy aims to do this by addressing why the microbiome was affected in the first place.

What Are The Symptoms Of Poor Gut Health?

  • While some symptoms are telltale, others are tougher to diagnose. The signs that this prime portion has given way and something is amiss in the region, are as follows: 
  • Constipation, diarrhoea and acidity that translates into heartburn are the most common signs that the area isn’t functioning as well as it should
  • Inflammation, bloating and pain in this region 
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) causes a person to lose weight while a reduction in the absorption of nutrients causes weight gain, as the person overeats due to the nutrients not being absorbed
  • Sleep disturbances due to levels of serotonin being affected
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What Affects Gut Health?

The factors that cause the gut microbiome to differ from one person to the next are the environments in which people are raised, the kind of food they eat, the habits they have, ethnicities and the exposure to germs throughout life. Another factor that plays a vital role in determining the microbiome in this region is stress. Research points to the existence of a gut-brain axis wherein the gut controls the neurotransmitters that are released by the brain to influence functions in the body and the brain too can control the functions of the gut. Thus, stress signals can upset health in this region. 

With the advancements in modern medicine and OTC drugs that alleviate symptoms within a short span of time and are thus popular favourites among people seeking instant relief, what is often missed out on is that these antimicrobials kill the good bacteria along with killing the bad. Painkillers and other drugs when taken often can wipe out the microbiome and leave the portion a storehouse of bad bacteria that ultimately causes issues. This situation not only leads to the bacterial population being changed but the microbiota composition varying can further cause the person to develop allergies, intolerances, and certain infections, hindering their normal functioning.

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Seek Natural Help For Gut Issues

The gut influences the functions and working of many systems in the body and thus translates to the good well being of the mind and body. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli emphasises first addressing why these issues are cropping up, along with the factors influencing these, the diet, the lifestyle you lead etc. There are certain tests and methods based on scientific principles that will help identify the issue and the root. Once done, the next step is to modify the habits and changes causing the decline, to better them and to help this major portion heal by an approach that is scientific and rooted in natural principles. Through exclusive strategies and comprehensive testing, you will soon be on the path to better health. A good gut is a precursor to a good life. Make it happen with naturopathy. 

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