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Treat Fat Reserves In The Body In The Right Manner Through Natural Weight Loss Protocols!

Weight Loss Occurs Not Only By Correcting Nutrition, But Balancing The Gut/Liver, Blood Sugars and Hormones!

Why Do People Gain Stubborn Weight: The Crux Of Understanding Weight Loss!

The food you eat is composed of a variety of different constituents such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins along with vitamins and minerals. The end goal is to absorb as much as possible from these constituents to aid in the body’s processes. These processes within the body require energy, as do other functions that the systems perform. The energy is got from the burning of various metabolic materials, one of the principal ones being fat.

Thus one would think that to lose the excess flab, all that is needed is for the fat to be burnt through rigorous activities, but this is not as simple. The balance of calories plays an important role in obesity. The amount consumed, stored and burnt up is influenced by diet, the environment, genetics and much more. If a person were to burn all the calories they had gained in the day, the fluctuation in their weight would be minimal. However, this ideal scenario isn’t always likely. The excess calories that are not required by the body, are stored as fat in the adipose tissue. When this build-up starts growing, the body adds new fat cells, and thus the waistline appears to bulge.

What Is Unhealthy Weight?

The following are the signs of unhealthy weight:

Constant fatigue 

Hair loss

Breathlessness after minor physical activity

A waistline of more than 35 inches in women and 40 inches in men

HDL of good cholesterol being less than 50 mg/dL in women and less than 40 mg/dL in men

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How Does The Weight Loss Process Occur?

When fat is accumulated in the body’s reserves, it contributes to weight. There are natural ways of losing this stubborn fatty tissue through the process of metabolism. The lungs play an important role in the exit of this fatty tissue through the body. During exercise, the body converts the fat that is stored into a usable form of energy and the fatty acids are broken down and CO2 is released. The process is complicated with a number of enzymes and factors being required for this biochemical conversion. This is why the focus is laid, not only on exercise but also adjusting your diet during the weight loss program to facilitate these biochemical conversions.

The common factors that lead to obesity are: 

  • A diet that is lacking in protein and abundant in refined carbs
  • Irregular meals and too much alcohol or sweetened drinks
  • No physical activity
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications such as antidepressants and anticonvulsants are responsible for weight gain

Our Core Values At MVH


Our Melbourne female hormone specialists believe that by establishing deep connections with our patients, we can address their pains more precisely.

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We are never in a hurry. Our patients have all our attention during the consultation.

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We build relationships as the very first stage of the treatment

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Our Melbourne female hormone specialists appreciate your time and, thus, do not keep you waiting for appointments.

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We believe in working with a motivated frame of mind to achieve desired results

Clear about our plans

We don’t keep your treatment under wraps. You will be well informed about every step and detail of your treatment plan

“If symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following my suggestions, I will refund your money back on services. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple! That’s how confident I am in delivering my services.”

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli

Your well-being and great health is just a 20-min call away!

Seek Natural Help For Weight Loss!

To lose fat naturally, it is best to adopt a diet that is rich in greens and fibre and increase your levels of physical activity. Increasing oxygen intake can have a significant effect. The path to becoming slim once again is not the same for everyone, as there is an interplay of several factors that impact how easily and to what extent one loses the calories. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has invested years into the study of how the systems of the body react to a weight loss program and also how to craft a strategy that is unique to each individual to facilitate this. The treatment plan comprises the addressal of diet, gut health revival, and balancing the blood sugars. Functional tests and plans will be done to understand the health conditions and symptoms. The plan will be exclusive to you and your body and lifestyle.

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