Maria from Sydenham

My Name is Maria Talia i have been seeing Domenic at Vital Health for well over a year. For 3 years i had experienced severe Gut problems to the point that i was seeing a top specialist in Melbourne and they could not determine the problems or the loss of weight, after 3 biopces and many tests. I decided to do my own Research and i came across Domenic and i was reading all the health issues that he was able to assist. So i decided to give this a try as i had exhausted every other options. Well my first appointment i think i was very emotional as i had found someone that finally understood the pain that I was going through, Domenic is sincere and genuine and was honest to tell me that he could help me though it was going to take time and i will see Results in my Health problems. He was was right i did get results and thanks to Domenic I can finally enjoy eating again and socialising without the fear of being sick. He really does do his job because he cares about helping people get their health back. I am no longer losing weight, my health is in the best shape its been in a long time I have lots of energy and since seeing Domenic i have not had not even a cold or the flu. His professional informative very patient and is always giving me extra tips in staying Healthy. I only wish that I had found him sooner. Thank you Domenic for giving me back my Health.

Tina from Brighton

Domenic has looked after our family for a number of years now and his complete thoroughness, empathy, care and availability to our health is and has always been above any other practitioner. With the busy lifestyle that we lead in the hospitality trade he has worked with us in understanding and improving our well-being. In addition he is continually seeking alternative therapies in improving and sourcing new products that increase our health performance. We are grateful and very thankful for his guidance and knowledge.

Rhonda from Greensborough

I have struggled with serious health issues for many years. Although I believe in traditional medicine methods, often they have not addressed my needs. I can remember driving to Domenic’s office many years ago crying in desperation. There are not many people as dedicated and caring as Domenic. Not only did he listen, his talent and experience got me back to optimal health. I trust in his ability to provide me with alternative options for myself and for my family.

Mary from Ormond

Dominic is the best health professional I have ever been to. He has a no nonsense approach, is easy to talk to, and has helped me overcome a number of health issues, without having to resort to drugs – issues which other doctors and health professionals had not helped. I also have a history of bronchitis and since going to Dom I have not taken any antibiotics. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants to take an alternative approach to their health. I have had amazing results.

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