About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide complimentary health care and education so that your path to wellness becomes “VITAL”.

As a Naturopath servicing the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, I offer comprehensive testing and programs that will move you away from ill health and into a model of Optimal Wellbeing. You will find relevant information in this website to guide you and hopefully inspire you to improve your health and also your families’.

We promise not to make any false claims but we know that we can build up health enhancing strategies based on ancient medical principles and sound scientific information.

We at Vital Health make a serious commitment to reverse your ill health by teaching you healthier lifestyle models and providing resources that will improve your health and take years off your health restoration curve.

Call our friendly and professional staff and start reversing your ill health and restore youthful wellbeing.

Our Practitioner

Dom Pisanelli

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped 100s of people in the western suburbs of melbourne regain their health.  As an experienced Naturopath, Domenic stresses to anyone, when looking at any Health Restoration program, that he does not advocate “miracles or get healthy overnight schemes” as there is really no such thing in any genuine wellness plan.   That’s why he tailors each treatment to suit your individual needs.

Domenic is a qualified and experienced naturopath treating families using a combination of nutrition, food sensitivity testing, herbal medicine, iridology and homoeopathy, organic acids testing and Genomic profiling to achieve weight loss, energy improvement and digestive health.

Find how we are different.

Our passion is helping you create the health you desire – mind, body and spirit. We believe you deserve to know how your body works, from the inside out, and give you tools you can use for a lifetime of optimal vitality.

Who We Are

Domenic Pisanelli ND is a functional medicine clinician, genomics expert, author, teacher and innovator.  Creator of the Vital Health Personalized Health Model, he has helped thousands of people around the world in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Can You Help Me?

Most health centers focus on your diagnoses or symptoms.  At VITAL HEALTH AND NATURAL MEDICINE, we believe you are a whole human being, and we focus on integrating the multi-dimensional aspects of YOU.

This unique approach has helped many people achieve their health goals. Why not experience it for yourself?

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What sets Vital Health and Natural Medicine apart from other functional medicine clinics?

Apart from a reduction in symptoms and finding the cause of your illness which is paramount, the following factors are just as important and critical to your success:

The client feels deeply understood and their pain is validated in a way they haven’t experienced before.

The client feels like they have my full attention and that i listen with every part of my being.

The client is not kept waiting long for their appointment.

The office is clean, warm, friendly, and relaxed.

The client can feel that I go the extra mile and that I really care.

When they leave your office, they feel more inspired and centered than when they came in.

The client’s fear and concern is put to ease because they can feel your confidence.

A clear structure has been laid out so that the client knows exactly what is expected of them and how things will unfold.

The client has gained new insight into WHY they have the symptoms that they do because of your ability to communicate your findings.

You make the client laugh every time they come in.

Your work has helped the client in ways they didn’t expect– their whole life is improving.

The client feels a sense of community and belonging when they visit your office.

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has control over every single item on this list. Because I take control over these factors, the people I treat always get better and their symptoms improve with greater frequency and in less time.

Next Steps

Personalized health means an individualized approach from the very beginning. We do things differently at VITAL HEALTH for Personalized Health.

We want to make sure this is a good fit for you BEFORE we agree to work together. We review your health concerns and history at no cost or obligation to you, and then we let you know if or how we can help.

There’s no obligation or risk.

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