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February 8, 2013
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I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you of a wonderful health optimization test involving Genes You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not your fault, it’s your genes.” Cancer (or diabetes, or depression or heart disease, etc.) is in my family genes, for example. But genetic science has improved by leaps and bounds in recent times, becoming an important part of medical treatment for the twenty-first century – with results that might surprise you!

Genetics appear to determine a lot of our responses to environment and food. However, genetic science is demonstrating more and more that the expression of our genes is shaped in profound ways by environmental factors, by lifestyle,dietary choices – even how we think and feel! We are also genetically-diverse enough that different people will respond differently to different foods. More and more, medicine needs to treat the individual, not the ‘species’ – luckily, here at My Vital Health and Natural Medicine, being steeped in the naturopathic tradition has schooled us in this practice well.

The unlocked secrets of DNA have helped preventative medicine in a variety of fields. With a review of your genetic profile, we can discover the right lifestyle and nutritional changes that help prevent disease or cure stubborn long-term complaints. With these advances, why not reach your ideal health? It takes a simple saliva test to discover your genetic make-up.

Let me provide you with an example. A study of two groups of adults was particularly demonstrative. The two groups were assigned a low GI and high GI diet respectively. After only twelve weeks, those assigned the high GI diet were found to have activated sixty-two disease-causing genes. These genes were related to stress response, or the release of the cortisol chemical, an overdose of which depresses immunity and can cause harm to cells. In contrast, those in the low GI diet group experienced positive health effects. Decreased activity in seventy-one genes that cause disease, because of their sensitivity to hormones, encouraged a resistance to obesity.

As more research results are published, scientists and health specialists are realising more and more – each morsel of healthy food, every step we take jogging, each weight we lift, even every positive emotion we experience, is optimising our gene expression. Turn up the good genes and turn down the bad ones!


In the not-to-distant future, healthcare will be come more and more personalised. A diet prescribed to all as cure-all, will no longer suffice, as different foods affect different people in different ways. Epigenetics – the subbranch of genetic science that studies how environment, lifestyle and individual experience affects gene expression – suggests that the human organism needs to be studied individually to be properly understood. How you ‘talk’ to your genes through the language of nutrition, exercise, diet, and so on, affects how those genes express themselves in your body and mind.


1. Vital Health and Natural Medicine know which genes to test which assessing healthy aging and living. We won’t just test for disease genes, we’ll aim to provide you with better health, by making sure you are optimising your gene expression, using preventive health solutions, rather than curative ones only.
2. Vital Health examines genes a most people have. We look for genetic variation that we can target with good nutritional health, rather than rare genes, which can be difficult, timely and costly to find (if one hears hoofs, one should at first think horses, not zebras).
3. Vital Health and Natural Medicine will only examine genes where deficiencies are shown to have positive affects from better lifestyle and naturopathic treatment.

Vital Health has an approach of “testing not guessing”, to get to the root of the problem. Once you learn your genetic profile, you’re empowered to make informed decisions about your health – live a long, happy life. Come to Vital Health to find out how!


Genetic testing will allow you to influence your genetic variant using specific food, lifestyle and exercise. The following will be tested:

1. Lipid Profile
2. Blood Pressure profile
3. Phase I and Phase II Detox Profile
4. Oxidative Stress Profile
5. Homocysteine Profile
6. Inflammation profile
7. Osteo genic Profile
8. Lactose Profile
9. Dia Bet-gen Profile

So, call Domenic at Vital Health on 9382 9790 and book a time to have a chat with me and we can invest some quality time in your health’s future using Genetic Testing.

Yours in good health,

Domenic Pisanelli (ND)

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