What is SCENAR?

The Clinic offers a highly effective, non-invasive means of pain relief and the removal of tension and stress in the body by using a small device, called a SCENAR, that reaches into the body’s cellular level. It is a modern pain relief and structural relief therapy combining many of the benefits provided by osteopathy, chiropractic, cranio-sacral, acupuncture, etc.. It also provides a means to correct structural problems not available to these other disciplines, in particular, the ability to re-set the autonomic nervous system and to re-position the head symmetrically on the axis.

The SCENAR does this by being able to access the vagus nerve, but also by being able to energetically communicate with the body’s cells directly, rather than indirectly. Access to the vagus nerve permits the balancing of the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems (most people are “stuck” in the sympathetic [hyper] nerve position) and greater relaxation of the body. Access to the cells directly allows the SCENAR to stimulate cellular activity that has degenerated (that is blocked, creating chronic pain such as in arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, etc.) and to relieve cellular activity that is inflamed, as is the case in acute pain situations.

The SCENAR technology is certified and regulated in Europe, the U.S. and Canada as a permitted medical device.



"SCENAR" Technology


SCENAR is an abbreviation for the name of the device: Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator, or short-pulse electric neuro-adaptive reflexological therapeutic stimulator. SCENAR was developed by a team of some 40 Russian scientists, initially for cosmonauts in space for long periods. SCENAR therapy was developed as a means for promoting the body’s own healing process.

The device has been widely used in Russian hospitals since the early 1980’s. However, it remained a military secret until perestroika. At that time, the inventors were issued a patent for the device, and they began to make it available to the West.

While continuing innovation in this field has produced a number of new devices with varying names, they all use the similar underlying approach, and the term SCENAR tends to be used in generic fashion for all of them, much as we use “Kleenex” for paper tissues regardless of the brand name.

SCENAR Therapy Treatment

The SCENAR is run over the spine and abdomen, or over the affected area, recording the resistive response to its signals and using its sophisticated software to return a fresh signal. A gentle tingling/stroking sensation will be felt. The practitioner is looking for anomalies on the skin surface, which may be highlighted by redness, numbness, stickiness or a change in numerical display or sound. Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptom, by treating these “asymmetries” and restoring balance, the healing process will commence.

A patient’s chronic problems may take up to six weeks of treatment, with long-lasting effectiveness. Acute problems may just take one or two treatments. Experience shows that the SCENAR, when used alone, proves effective in 80% of all cases, of which full recovery occurs in 2/3rds of them and significant healing in the remainder.

Given it’s use in the context of an overall treatment approach, such as provided by Heilkunst, SCENAR treatment has proven highly effective in removing particular blockages to treatment and in speeding up the healing process.

How To Naturally Put An End To Your Pain Without Nasty Drugs or Dangerous Surgeries

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We are the only clinic in the western suburbs of Melbourne offering a unique and powerful therapy providing an all natural way to help eliminate pain in your body.

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Here’s What REAL People Say:

Betty from Bundoora

I fell on my coccyx bone years ago and have always experienced pain. Recently getting out of bed has been a challenge with stiffness and lower back pain. I have been using pain medication but the pain is becoming unbearable. I went to see Domenic after a recommendation and after my first Scenar Treatment my pain went from 8/10 to 4/10. I have been getting weekly treatments and I am now getting out of bed with no pain and stiffness. I thoroughly recommend Scenar Therapy and look foward to no more pain.

Alby from Mill Park

I had an arthroscope 8 months ago for a torn meniscus. After the procedure I experienced pain and lack of mobility in my knee. I thought it would just take time to heal but the pain has been debilitating and my reliance on pain medication has increased. I came across Scenar therapy and went to see Domenic who got straight to work on my knee. After my initial treatment I was amazed at the freedom and mobility I had with the knee. The pain had substantially decreased and I was feeling confident that I had found the right therapy for me. I now walk with no restriction and I dont take any pain killers.

Here’s Why It Works So Well:

As you know, the way most people deal with pain is by taking drugs. The truth is drugs only cover up the symptoms of pain and do nothing for the root cause of your pain.

As long as that root cause is there you’ll always have pain.

But there IS an answer…

It’s called SCENAR.

SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a hand held, electro-stimulation therapeutic medical device.

SCENAR therapy is unique because it interactively locates, measures and prompts problem areas in the body (asymmetries) through the skin to HELP RELIEVE PAIN AND RESTORE FUNCTION.

Invented over 30 years ago in Russia and popular overseas, SCENAR therapy is relatively new in Australia (we’re the only clinic in the western suburbs of Melbourne offering the service). Despite this, because of the astonishing results reported by Aussies battling chronic pain it was featured on A Current Affair.

SCENAR therapy is great but I want to make sure we tackle your pain from all angles.

I’ve Combined SCENAR Therapy With Other Modalities As Part Of A Full Pain Defeating Package…

I’ve taken one of the most powerful pain treatments I know in Scenar therapy and combined it with a Naturopathic consultation. This way we assess the body for other factors that may be contributing to your pain. Organ dysfunction, food sensitivities or nervous system dysfunction may need to be dealt with to get your body back to feeling its best.

In most cases Scenar therapy is good enough but combining the Scenar with Naturopathic principles and in some cases using nutritional supplements to correct the dysfunction, can produce greater results. In all cases, pain is dramatically reduced.

The great thing is the treatment involves no drugs or surgery – so there’s no nasty side effects or risks of complications.

It’s the only kind of therapy in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The Scenar Therapist is also a qualified Naturopath with 15 years in clinical practice.

The therapy is non invasive with no messy oils , no dangerous joint cracking and no side effects – therefore it’s totally painless and hassle free, all you have to do is show up.

Contact us today to start your journey to optimal health