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Naturopathic TeleHealth Services To Address All Your Health Concerns

Virtual Online Appointments Available

Vital Health and Natural Medicine is also a TeleHealth Service. At these challenging times, it might be tough to step out of your home to seek naturopathic help. This should under no circumstances prevent anyone from getting treatment based on their health issues.  Believing and working on the same, Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli offers virtual (online) Telehealth and simple at home test kits to find the root causes of health issues that is very effective and efficient. Natural Medicines are delivered through practitioner only websites straight to your door.

Based on the test results, we craft a treatment plan that’s exclusive to your needs. With regular follow ups, we monitor treatment progression and may modify the course of your treatment plan for better results.

How does Telehealth work?

  • Prior to a Telehealth consultation, Domenic will request you complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and email all previous diagnostic results 

  • Recent blood tests and any other test results will be needed if available in preparation for the video/phone call.

  • During the Telehealth consultation, Domenic will ask a wide range of questions, may recommend further tests, then discuss what actions need to be taken next. Prescribed herbs and supplements will then be posted.

At My Vital Health Solutions, we:​


We believe that by establishing deep connections with our patients, we can address their pains more precisely

Attend to only you

We are never in a hurry. Our patients have all our attention during the consultation.

Nurture a bond

We build relationships as the very first stage of the treatment

No long queues

We appreciate your time and thus, do not keep you waiting for appointments

Inspire you

We believe in working with a motivated frame of mind to achieve desired results

Are clear about our plans

We don’t keep your treatment under wraps. You will be well informed about every step and detail of your treatment plan

Answer your whys

We encourage questions and are happy to have your questions answered

Let You know what’s happening

We are transparent with your treatment

Make you feel that you belong

During the course of treatment and beyond, we make everyone strive for wellness


We do not make false promises, we are concerned with genuine and life changing results

Test Thoroughly

In-house test kits available based on functional medicine that are accurate and measures system function

The right nutrition and the right supplementation is paramount for well being. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli constantly works towards delivering all using sound functional medicine principles!

As an active practitioner of naturopath servicing the greater area of Melbourne, Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli offers comprehensive testing and programs that are aimed at improving your health conditions into a model of optimal well-being which is associated with your complete physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The absence or cautious prevention of diseases contributes to good health. We believe in taking an active role in the liveliness of those parts that make up your whole.


Understanding your health problems to provide effective & cutting Edge solutions

Our Naturopathic clinic Melbourne caring for you naturally.

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100% Recovery!

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