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Food Allergy Testing Melbourne

Naturopathy aims to understand the body’s reaction to various foods and why it perceives some as allergens. This is done through an in-depth food sensitivity intolerance test analysis of eating habits!

The more food sensitivities you have, the more gut and immune dysfunction you have! Get A Food Intolerance Test Done Today!

The body’s immune system is designed to ward off infectious agents, and any allergen that it thinks could be harmful to the system. The reaction ranges from mild to exaggerated depending upon how the allergen is seen by the defences. This exaggerated and unusual response involves sneezing, burning in the throat area, skin rashes, runny nose, watery eyes etc. 

In case of a severe food allergy, anaphylaxis is seen. This is when the symptoms get heightened coupled with others to produce a situation that requires immediate medical attention. 

In anaphylaxis, the body experiences respiratory distress, tachycardia which is a faster than usual heartbeat, swelling of the mouth along with lips, decline in blood pressure, loss of consciousness.

Food Allergy Testing Melbourne

Why Does An Allergy Occur And When Should You Get A Food Allergy Testing Done?

Some people can go through life enjoying just about the very same foods that trigger deadly allergies in others.

Why? The answer lies in the antibody response. IgE antibodies when triggered, cause the release of various vasoactive compounds causing characteristic allergy symptoms. 

Allergenicity is the property of a particular protein in the food to cause this reaction in the systems of the body. During the digestion process, proteins too undergo some change in order to either be absorbed or excreted. This ability of theirs to pass through and remain intact is what plays a role in their ability to cause allergies. When the protein binds to IgE antibody, an allergic response is seen.

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Allergy and Food Sensitivity

It is natural for an allergy to be confused with food intolerance or sensitivity, although the two are poles apart right from the chemical intricacies that set them apart to the reactions that they invoke respectively in the body. 

A food allergy is when certain proteins in the meal act as allergens that bind to the IgE antibodies, triggering sneezing, coughing, and the typical allergy response. 

On the other hand, an intolerance does not involve the IgE-mediated response but rather a different mechanism of action. It can be caused by the inability of the body to absorb carbohydrates, certain chemicals in the food due to the absence of an enzyme that is usually involved in the absorption of these. 

Another reason for food intolerances is when the intestinal permeability is affected due to some reason. In simple terms, the chemical composition of the food irritates the digestive system, causing symptoms such as gas, nausea, severe pain in the stomach, and even diarrhoea.

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When faced with how to combat a food allergy, avoidance is usually the most common route that is taken to counter the problem. However, often the allergy could be due to gut problems instead of simple genetics. In this case, avoiding the food that invokes the response is a temporary solution. Analysis of the gut to explore why it is being affected, how the permeability can be repaired and how the allergy is managed is crucial.


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