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Probioform – Living Liquid Probiotic


Probioform’s formula delivers living healthy bacteria as nature intended. One box has 133 adult servings and comes in an easy to use 2-liter bag-in-box. The microbial formula is produced in a cascade fermentation process that gives Probioform a fast and lasting effect on digestive

What makes Probioform different?

• Optimal enviroment for all healthy bacteria:

Probioform is a complete product that creates the optimal environment for all beneficial bacterias to flourish and crowds out harmful bacteria and pathogens.
The gut has more than 2.000 beneficial bacterias, and microbes and Probioform offers the ability for all these bacteria to repopulate,
multiply and balance each other out. This is due to the cascade fermentation process where our unique formulation of bacteria   roduces the beneficial acids and enzymes in which our natural healthy microbes thrive. This an environment that harmful   unhealthy bacteria and pathogens do not like and have a problem surviving in.

• Challenges of traditional probiotics: The challenge of taking traditional freeze-dried probiotics with 3-12 strains is that it can create an unhealthy imbalance amongst the 2.000 naturally occurring bacteria. Overpopulating with a few strains can shift the delicate balance and crowd out the healthy bacteria increasing the imbalance
in the micro biome. The intestinal tract has limited space for bacteria to colonize and attach to the intestines and if you get overgrowth of only a few certain bacteria (which you risk with traditional freeze-dried powders and pills) other healthy bacteria get crowded out and don’t have space to flourish and attach, disrupting the whole natural balance of the microbiome.

• Our microbiome is under attack: The natural balance of microbes
is continuously under attack, mainly from the hidden antibiotics
found in food sources like chicken, salmon, and conventional beef.
In many places, tap water contains residue of chloride which acts
as an antibacterial substance also killing of healthy bacteria in your
gut. Traditional toothpaste with fluoride also acts as an antibacterial
substance. Conventional food production of vegetables and fruits
also contain antibacterial substance residues.

• Why we don’t get enough bacteria today: Due to frying, spraying,
cooking, radiating and waxing our foods most beneficial bacteria are
killed off before we even put it in our month. Our soil is so depleted
that even eating raw organic vegetables and fruits will not provide
enough healthy bacteria. That’s why fermented foods are popular.

The Probioform Quality:

• Never freeze-dried: Our microbes have never been freeze-dried and are therefore alive. This ensures that
they start to multiply within 15 min after consumption for a fast effect.

• Cascade fermentation: Our selected strains are grown in a process of co-growth that combines multiple
strains and temperatures during fermentation. Therefore, each strain is interacting with other strains in its
liquid form, making them much more resilient and capable of work together synergistically. As the healthy
bacterias in this way are trained to interact, we don’t get any overgrowth of just a few strains, which can create an imbalance in the intestines.

• Beneficial acids: As a result of our cascade fermentation process, the bacterias produce beneficial life
supporting acids that create a low pH environment of 3.7. This ensures that the microbes survive when they
enter the stomach acid defense of pH 2.4. The lactic and acetic acid also promotes optimal growth conditions for all healthy bacterias found in the human biome.

• Broad-spectrum microbes: Probioform`s formulation has been created to supply the body with what we used
to get from nature before we started to use microwaving, frying, cooking and pasteurized food that kills all the
friendly bacteria.

• Beneficial byproducts: During the fermentation process, the good bacterias produce enzymes, antioxidants,
B- and K-vitamins, we leave in all of these good nutrients.

• No refrigeration needed: Due to the stability of Probioform, it can be stored in room temperature for up to a
year after opening without losing its effect.

• All natural: The finished product has no sugar, fillers, or additives. It is also free from lactose, gluten, soy, and

• A solution for the whole family: Probioform can be used by the entire family – from infants to adults; making
it easy to use and a very cost efficient product.

Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.

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