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Abdominal Pain

Natural Medicine for Bloating , Gas, and IBS

  • Gut symptoms causing frustration and constant concerns?
  • Doctors’ visits, Gastroenterlogists, taking countless medicines, supplements, diets, and making lifestyle changes but symptoms continue?
  • Wondering if one day eating a normal diet will ever stop creating gut symptoms?
  • Suffering from bloating, excess gas or chronic pains?

Worry no more. I can resolve a lot of this PAIN IN THE GUT.

Domenic Pisanelli, Principal Naturopath

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Here’s why my patients call me “The Gut Guy”

Hi I’m Domenic Pisanelli, Functional Medicine practitioner at Vital Health and Natural Medicine

Throughout my 18 years of practice, patients come to me frustrated and doubtful. They come to me as a last ditch effort, when all previous doctor visits and healing efforts proved fruitless.

Living a life in pain or discomfort with gut symptoms, riddled with fatigue or continuously feeling anxious and depressed just plain sucks. Stop using drugs or eating a highly restricted diet. Your aliments can be resolved.


Domenic Pisanelli, Principal Naturopath

Using functional medicine and being treated by a gut specialist is often where most people finally find relief and that’s why I’m more than qualified to help.

I will  figure out what is going on inside the body by getting to the root cause.
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Once we know the foundation for the gut symptoms, we can work from inside out, making a realistic plan for relief.  By just changing the diet or taking a probiotic, is not the answer.

Maria, Sydenham

My first appointment with Domenic I think I was very emotional as I had found someone that finally understood the pain that I was going through. Domenic is sincere and genuine and was honest to tell me that he could help me though it was going to take time and I would see results in my health problems.
Maria Talia, Sydenham - Maria, Sydenham

Maria Talia, Sydenham

I have struggled with serious health issues for many years. There are not many people as dedicated and caring as Domenic. Not only did he listen, his talent and experience got me back to optimal health.
Rhonda, Greensborough - Rhonda, Greensborough

Here’s how I GUARANTEE results to my patients.

The gut is a tricky thing. The body is unique and must be treated as such. Even though gut related symptoms are often the same, there is a variety of underlying issues causing the problems, pain, discomfort, and overall lack of feeling like oneself.

Most patients come to me because they have tried everything else and found no help. They often express feeling bloated, which is usually worse after eating. They are experiencing lots of gas, flatulence, wind; acid reflux; or alternating periods between diarrhea and periods of constipation. They’ll describe having a metallic or sour taste in the mouth, always feel exhausted and tired. They’ll be suffering from insomnia or having trouble sleeping. Many describe frequently feeling nauseated or lightheaded. Some experience dramatic mood swings and irritability or weight gain, despite eating well and exercising.

Although these symptoms are caused by “poor gut function,” there are underlying root causes which need to be addressed before any healing can occur.

The main six common underlying “root” causes of abdominal issues are:
  1. Yeast and dysbiotic bacteria, including parasites
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Gut lining permeability
  4. Nervous system dysfunction
  5. Adrenal exhaustion
  6. Low Enzymatic and Hydrochloric Acid levels.

Through sophisticated, noninvasive testing called Computerised Electro Dermal Screening, which I have trusted for almost two decades, this will help to narrow the cause of your poor gut function. We can then provide other functional tests to investigate further such as stool tests or organic acids test.

“The problem is, diet changes like Fodmaps and probiotics don’t fix the root causes.
Relief can be obtained using these methods but long lasting effects are seldom accomplished ”


The Vital Health Gut Reset Program resets the GI tract by normalizing digestion, absorption, and assimilation. This reduces gas, bloating and stomach pain, and allows the body to utilize foods and supplements that are useful. It populates the microbiome, it heals leaky gut to restore intestinal permeability, it detoxifies the body from the inside out and finally it prevents emergence of diseases.

My 6 proven stages to heal:
  1. Reduce – Reducing certain foods to calm inflammation
  2. Remove – Eliminating foods to start the healing
  3. Replace – Replacing digestive enzymes and Hydrochloric Acids
  4. Reinoculate – Introducing specific probiotics and prebiotic foods
  5. Repair – Intestinal cell regrowth using Glutamine, Colostrum, Zinc and other vitamins
  6. Rebalance – Getting you off the elimination diet and introducing more foods and a wellness eating plan
Benefits That can be experienced in 2 weeks
  • Restores health-supporting intestinal flora and reduces fungus, parasites, SIBO
  • Corrects the level of good bacteria
  • Decreases food intolerances and allergies by healing intestinal permeability
  • Enhances digestive juices such as HCL and digestive enzymes to process better
  • It decreases achy joints and osteoarthritis
  • It can remove brain fog and migraines
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis greatly improves
  • Anxiety and depression is dramatically reduced
  • Autoimmune disorders greatly improved

IBS can be a debilitating condition that affects the quality of life. Using Functional Medicine to get to the root cause is the most effective way to not only treat the symptoms, but to experience all round wellness.


If  symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following my suggestions, I will refund money back on services. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple. That’s how confident I am in delivering my services.

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