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  • Have you grown frustrated after years of suffering from health issues?
  • Have you been to more doctors than you can count, but despite seeing experts and trying countless medicines, supplements, diets, and lifestyle changes your symptoms continue?
  • Have you given up hope that your health problems can be cured?

Worry no more. I will put a full stop to your health issues.

Domenic Pisanelli, Principal Naturopath

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Best Naturopathic Treatments In Melbourne

Vital Health and Natural Medicine and its principal Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli offers solutions to complex and everyday health concerns including:

Meet Our Melbourne Naturopath

Domenic Pisanelli

My Vital Health Solutions providing naturopathic solutions using state of the art testing and effective protocols for getting you out of pain, losing excess weight, removing gut pain, having more energy, and getting you into wellness… GUARANTEED!

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped 100s of people in the western suburbs of melbourne regain their health. As an experienced Naturopath, Domenic stresses to anyone, when looking at any Health Restoration program, that he does not advocate “miracles or get healthy overnight schemes” as there is really no such thing in any genuine wellness plan. That’s why he tailors each treatment to suit your individual needs.



  • Maria from Sydenham
    I have lots of energy and since seeing Domenic I have not had not even a cold or the flu .... I only wish that I had found him sooner
    Maria from Sydenham
  • Tina from Brighton
    We are grateful and very thankful for his guidance and knowledge
    Tina from Brighton
  • Rhonda from Greensborough
    Not only did he listen, his talent and experience got me back to optimal health
    Rhonda from Greensborough
  • Mary from Ormond
    I thoroughly recoommend him to anyone who wants to take an alternative approache to their health. I have had amazing results
    Mary from Ormond
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