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Lasting Solutions From Bloating, Gut Pain, IBS, And Chronic Gut Poblems!

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The Vital Health Gut Reset Solution!


 Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has designed the Digestive solutions Package for people who either already know or suspect that they have leaky Gut syndrome or IBS and are Experiencing unexplained symptoms that may be caused by leaky gut, and are seeking natural solutions for digestive and overall health!

Did You Know that gut problems cause the following conditions?


Stress, Anxiety & Depression Caused By A Bacteria In The Gut


Digestive & Gut
Issues. There are 6 Causes!


Female & Male Reproductive Issues Influenced By Gut Function


Diabetes Caused By Chronic Gut Imbalances


Allergies & Intolerances Caused By An Imbalanced Microbiome


Skin Issues Including Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis Effected By The Guts Ability To Process Foods


Weight Loss or Gain Influenced By Gut Bacteria


Poor Immunity Caused By Nutrient Deficiencies Because Of Poor Gut


Infertility Resulting From Poor Nutrient Absorption In The Gut


Preconception and Pregnancy Care Effected By The Gut's Ability to Detoxify Hormones


Hormonal Imbalances Due To Gut And Liver Detoxification


Autoimmune Conditions Caused By Food Intolerances


Joint Pain and Arthritic Conditions Caused By Leaky Gut


Fatigue Caused By Too Much Fungus In The Gut


Irritable Bowel Syndrome Caused by 6 Drivers!

How It Works

Your initial consultation will include the following.

Initial Consultation

Your first consultation will include a Fact-Finding session where we’ll take a detailed history of your Gut symptoms as well as an in-depth analysis of your current eating habits.

The Three Most Important Functional Tests

The three Functional tests will be explained and they will show the true cause of your health issues

Tailored Treatment Plan

After careful and thorough analysis of your results we will help you to implement our personalised and tailored treatment plan

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Why Choose My Vital Health Solutions?


20 Years’ Experience

We won’t risk your health with less experienced naturopaths, at my Vital Health Solutions we have over 18 years’ experience and have successfully treated 100s of customers.


Specialised Testing

We remove the guesswork by using functional medicine and testing to analyse and accurately identify the root cause of your health issues.


Specialised Treatments

We use high quality practitioner only treatments from Australia and USA to effectively treat your conditions where other options may have failed.


Tailored Treatment Plans

We do not advocate ‘overnight treatments’, all our treatments are tailored around successfully treating your exact health concerns rather than generic ‘one size fits all’ plans


Consistent Follow Up

You’re not on your own, we understand the struggle in our customers journey which is why provide consistent follow up with you to make sure you’re on track with our recommended treatment plan.


Risk Free Guarantee

If symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following our plan, we will refund your money back on all consulting fees.

Meet Domenic Pisanelli

Naturopath / Wellness Expert / Functional Medicine Practitioner / Founder

I’ve helped 100s of people all over Melbourne regain their health. I believe that when you have your health, you have everything. I do not advocate “miracles or get healthy overnight schemes” as there is really no such thing in any genuine wellness plan, therefore I tailor every treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Unlike other Naturopaths, I won’t simply prescribe treatments or restrictive diets for your symptoms without getting to the root cause. Using functional testing and data, I’ll accurately interpret and identify the core of your health problems while implementing a successful treatment plan.

Customers come to me because they are tired of wasting money on therapies that simply don’t work. If you’re struggling to get a proper diagnosis, have tried heaps of diets with no results or your simply frustrated at doctors who want to treat your symptoms with before diagnosing the source, I can help you.

My proven and systematic process plus our risk-free guarantee means you’ve got nothing to lose, call today and break free from symptoms and regain you

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guarantee 100%


If symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following my suggestions, I will refund money back on services. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple. That’s how confident I am in delivering my services.