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Tick, Tock. Feeling tired? Best fatigue resolution with an expert naturopathic approach!

 Let’s rise above fatigue today! 

Healthy body and mind is key to good living. We believe in taking an active role in improving function so that your path to wellness is “VITAL”. Fatigue curbs the human body’s ability to function. The feeling of constant exhaustion and lack of motivation may make you feel like you are driving an empty wagon!

Stop right there! Take control with My Vital Health Solutions’ all natural fatigue treatment plan!

Why wait for the best fatigue treatment in Melbourne?

The core reason behind your fatigue, eliminated!

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The My Vital Health Solutions Way!

Don’t Step Out! Online Consultation and At Home Testing Kits Available!

Our naturopathic treatments are done according to your health conditions. We perform a thorough body examination using computerised electro dermal screening to determine underlying health conditions and carefully analyse all your symptoms. All our tests are based on scientific methods and the results are accurate. In case initial tests show multiple problems, we recommend advanced testing to determine what systems are dysfunctional. By focusing on why your symptoms manifest the way they do, we seek to identify the root cause behind your chronic dis-ease – so that we can craft a personalized plan just for you.

      My Vital Health Offers: 

  • Complete naturopathic and functional medicine treatment
  • Committed to getting to the root causes of your dis-ease!
  • Naturopathic Medicine treating the person, not the “disease label”
  • Natural and science based protocols based health care
  • Absolutely zero ‘miracles or get healthy overnight’ approach
  • Body-Mind connection focused treatments

We understand your concerns, our team of qualified Naturopaths are open to all questions and doubts you may have.

Why My Vital Health Online Consultation And At Home Test Kits?

Listen: We believe that by establishing deep connections with our patients, we can address their pains more precisely

Attend to only you: We are never in a hurry. Our patients have all our attention during

Nurturing a bond: We build relationships as the very first stage of the treatment

No long queues: We appreciate your time and thus, do not keep you waiting for appointments

Inspire you: We believe in working with a motivated frame of mind to achieve desired results

Clear about our plans: We don’t keep your treatment under wraps. You will be well informed
about every step and detail of your treatment plan

Answer your Whys: We encourage questions and are happy to have your questions answered

You know what’s happening: We are transparent with your treatment

You belong: During the course of treatment and beyond, we make everyone strive for wellness

Deliver: We do not make false promises, we are concerned with genuine and life changing results

Testing: In-house test kits available based on functional medicine that are accurate and measures
system function

The right nutrition and the right supplementation is  paramount for well being. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli constantly works towards delivering all using sound functional medicine principles!

Realising the need for the hour, Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is offering online consultations to assess and examine your health conditions. The consultation will be to have a thorough understanding of your problems, pain points and a history. Based on the consultation, Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli will provide at home testing kits to confirm the diagnosis. Once confirmed, an exclusive course of treatment tailored for you will be prescribed. Further follow-ups will be through online consultation.

Don't Step Out! Get Online Consultation And At Home Test Kits For The Right Naturopathic Treatment!

Fatigue can literally bring you down! Here's how...

Fatigue describes a never ending feeling of tiredness, lack of energy, low mental motivation and constant desire to sleep. Fatigue is not the feeling of being drowsy or sleepy. It is in fact the inability to do work due to unexplained tiredness, lack of mental motivation and drive.

Note: Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms can also cause symptoms like fatigue, body aches, unexplained nervousness, disturbed circadian rhythm and digestive problems.

With an all natural fatigue treatment plan at My Vital Health Solutions, we aim to effectively help you overcome fatigue without any rigorous programs. 

Our All Natural Fatigue Treatment Program Ensures:

  • Loss of unhealthy and stubborn weight/fat deposits
  • Developing healthy and routine eating habits
  • Proper sleep cycle
  • Practical and easy to follow fatigue control plan
  • Introduction to ways to handle and eliminate stress triggers
  • Experience the results yourself!

We do not advocate ‘miracles or get healthy overnight’ approaches, everything we do is out of care, knowledge and sound functional medicine principles

Don’t Step Out! Online Consultation and At Home Testing Kits Available!

Need Natural Fatigue Treatment That's Future Proof?

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli Has Got Your Back!

Do you feel exhausted despite hours of sleep?

Have you tried ‘fatigue treatment’ products only to throw them out?

Do you find it hard to keep yourself motivated through a good day?

Clueless on how to take control of your endless fatigue during this lockdown?

We have it all sorted!

My Vital Health Solutions Offers Incredible Online Consultation And At Home Test Kits!

Exclusive Treatment Plan Based On Your Results!

Fatigue? Say No More!

Scientifically Sound Tests To Confirm Fatigue

Organic Acid Test At My Vital Health

Do you struggle with finding answers about your fatigue especially after all blood tests come back normal?

At My Vital Health, we perform Organic Acid Test to better find reasons for your fatigue

The most common issues that generally come up during a thorough history taking consultation

  • Low cellular energy production
  • Hidden or “silent” inflammation in the body
  • High stress overload in the body
  • Nutrient deficiencies, especially B-vitamins
  • Digestive problems that a stool test couldn’t find
  • Low levels of “feel good” chemicals
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Overwhelmed detox pathways, liver/kidneys


These symptoms are present due to functional problems and the ORGANIC ACIDS TEST can identify where the dysfunction is located.

The information obtained through Organic Acids testing is invaluable because it’s  a sensitive blueprint, evidence based piece of information, of precisely what isn’t functioning properly in your brain, gut, cells and detoxification pathways.

Integrative functional medicine naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is trained to interpret and design a protocol from the organic acids test to get you back in good health.

Understanding Your Health Problems To Provide Effective and Cutting Edge Solutions!

Our Naturopathy Clinic Melbourne Is There For You!

Regain Your Good Health Naturally!


Understanding Your Health Problems To Provide  Effective and Cutting Edge Solutions!

Our Naturopathy Clinic Melbourne, Caring For You Naturally!