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HOW THIN DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GET? The weight loss program designed  by Experienced Melbourne Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli 
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The Vital Weight Loss program is a specialized program designed to help you with the battle of the bulge. Your personalized metabolism program plus constant support allows you to reach your ideal weight.  By selecting the right food for your metabolism, it can help you lose weight.

We’ve had clients in the western suburbs of Melbourne lose up to 14 kilos by changing the combinations of food they eat. For example, we found one of our patients could eat tomato and could eat lettuce, but when he combined these items in a salad, it had disastrous effects.

Weight loss…the easiest way

You only need to look at friends and family, to see examples of how different foods affect different people. Some people can eat chocolate and fried food regularly and be slim; some on a ‘healthy diet’ might be overweight. The key problem to solve is, “What foods affect YOUR body?”

You can find out which foods can help you lose weight by calling now 03 9382 9790 and speaking to our professional naturopaths on natural weight loss.

Benefits From Losing Weight Naturally:

 Loss of weight/fat
 No sagging skin
 Muscle tone and definition
 You use foods in your fridge and pantry – no buying pre-made foods
 Better flexibility
 Increased energy – you’ll want to exercise
 A feeling of wellness returns


Would you like greater health, more energy, and unlimited vitality through the vital weigh naturopathic weight loss program?

What Is “The Vital Weigh Fat Loss Program”?

It is a gentle and effective Program which leaves you with a general sense of well-being, involves NO medical procedures, or the use of any Toxic chemical substances, creams or gels. “The Vital Weigh Fat Loss Program” is a unique program that helps to eliminate FAT at a whole new level and it’s non-invasive.

 It’s for the Woman Who Craves a Little Nurturing and Wants Results . . .

 It’s for The Man Who Wants Results With No Fuss . . .

Maria, Sydenham

My first appointment with Domenic I think I was very emotional as I had found someone that finally understood the pain that I was going through. Domenic is sincere and genuine and was honest to tell me that he could help me though it was going to take time and I would see results in my health problems.
Maria Talia, Sydenham - Maria, Sydenham

Maria Talia, Sydenham

I have struggled with serious health issues for many years. There are not many people as dedicated and caring as Domenic. Not only did he listen, his talent and experience got me back to optimal health.
Rhonda, Greensborough - Rhonda, Greensborough

Here’s what you will discover . . .

You’ll discover after undergoing a food sensitivity test which foods will help you burn FAT and which foods to eliminate that make you put on weight.

You’ll discover one food in a recent scientific study, if eaten 3 times a day, can possible help you to lose 61% more body FAT and 81% more Belly FAT. Wouldn’t you like to know this important food and the best part is. . . it tastes great.

You’ll discover WHY most FAIL at losing UNWANTED FAT because other Practitioners use the same system for all people who are overweight. The Vital Weigh Program is personally tailored for you, BECAUSE if you’re under 30, or if you’re a male or female or if you’re under 55 or over 55 or if you’ve lost fat before and you put it back on or if no matter what you’ve tried before you’ve never had success in losing unwanted Fat, each one of these challenges requires an individualised personal approach.

You’ll discover a functional test using a urine sample that will reveal your levels of gut bacteria, your ability to burn carbohydrates and fats and your levels of neurotransmitters that affect the way you handle stress and lose weight.

You’ll discover the correct amount of protein and fat that is required to get your FAT burning furnaces up and running fast without clogging your arteries.

Skipping meals and sweaty exercise may not be the ideal way to start your Fat Loss Program. Research has shown that extensive exercise will cause your metabolism to revert back to its original sluggish state 30 to 60 minutes after you’ve finished. You’ll be shown how to tweak your activity during the day to keep your metabolic thermostat on high. Skipping meals will actually slow your metabolism down considerably where your FAT burning furnaces can go out.

You’ll Discover the three secret ingredients when used together enhances your metabolic furnace to burn fat effectively.

Women usually gain weight, excess fluid and more body fat than men because of hormonal challenges. Estrogen’s fat stimulating cells tend to hold onto more FAT reserves more stubbornly. Within the female body these hormonal influences will also give rise to 4 different types of body shapes and each one has typical hormonal and metabolic characteristics. Knowing your body type is critical to loosing FAT. Hormone tests are available.

For those who complete our Gene profile system you’ll discover if your FTO gene is expressing itself negatively – if so then weight gain occurs more easily and difficult to lose. However, once you know if you have the FTO gene the answer is a simple vegetable which can help to lessen the gene from expressing itself negatively, this will then assist you with easier and effective fat loss.

You’ll discover if your Thyroid is the reason why you can’t lose weight.



Are You Going to Take Advantage of The Vital Weigh Fat Loss Program’s Astonishing Powers!

Act NOW while everything you’ve just read is fresh in your mind. Take time for yourself.

Follow our suggestions and within weeks you might just amaze yourself, your friends and family.

Within weeks you’ll probably notice subtle changes in your body.
On the road to NO more Excess or Unwanted Fat!

You may feel more alert, with more energy, a glow of vitality may return and you’ll become more confident!

Just imagine all achieved naturally, just the way it was intended!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Vital Health and Natural Medicine…….

We get great satisfaction from helping you to achieve your FAT LOSS goals!

We’ll make you feel comfortable and at ease and we look forward to your call.


When you book in your Naturopathic Consultation, you will receive……

  • Naturopathic Consultation
  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • A Simple Thyroid Test

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