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Have you been told that all your blood tests are normal and there is nothing wrong with you, but you constantly feel unwell?

Are you someone who,

  • Feels sick very often
  • Has done all kinds of tests out there to find out the problem
  • Have all the tests come back normal & still no clear answer
  • Needs to know what’s really going on with your body
  • Or Wants to know why you have so many symptoms?
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Here’s some Great news! Finally there’s hope for you… and more importantly… ANSWERS!

CEDS (Computerized Electro Dermal Screening) is a popular screening method to identify the issues with organs and systems in your body. It’s widely used by NATUROPATHS and integrative medical centres. CEDS evaluates the energetic pathways around your organs and systems. Traditional blood tests can be very useful to detect pathology, but CEDS is effective in finding system dysfunction which causes the symptoms.

CEDS test has helped thousands of people like you, with their burning questions related to health & made their life happy and healthy by getting the answers to their health problems. Finally now it’s time for you to take the load off your mind and get some answers.

Maria, Sydenham

My first appointment with Domenic I think I was very emotional as I had found someone that finally understood the pain that I was going through. Domenic is sincere and genuine and was honest to tell me that he could help me though it was going to take time and I would see results in my health problems.
Maria Talia, Sydenham - Maria, Sydenham

Maria Talia, Sydenham

I have struggled with serious health issues for many years. There are not many people as dedicated and caring as Domenic. Not only did he listen, his talent and experience got me back to optimal health.
Rhonda, Greensborough - Rhonda, Greensborough

Take the decision to stop feeling sick! A better and healthy life is just a phone call away!

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How does CEDS work?

CEDS is a Data Acquisition method used to determine the areas which has electrical imbalance in your body. CEDS is done by the “Orion system” which uses Chinese acupuncture points to collect readings about the systems and organs in your body. These readings will relay the information from the body of either balance, inflammation, or deficiency. Then, if needed, an appropriate nutritional and/or lymphatic program can be outlined to help restore the body back to balance.

How does it help you?

CEDS test will help you to identify the issues with any organ or system in your body. With this single test, you will know what the issue is and what you should do about it. With this information, you will get the necessary treatments. Whether you feel sick, or you just want to stay well, you will get definite answers about the function of your system and your health.

At Vital Health and Natural Medicine, we believe that HEALTH starts with awareness and knowledge.

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has been in practice for over 18 years and is a proficient diagnostician using both Computerized Electro-dermal Screening and Organic Acids Testing.

Take the decision to stop feeling sick! A better and healthy life is just a phone call away!

Schedule your Naturopathic Appointment today with the best Naturopath in Melbourne.

Domenic Pisanelli, Principal Naturopath


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