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Thank you Domenic for the action plan. He informed me comprehensively of my current situation, and not only set my worries aside but his deep knowledge and personality reassured me that I will be healed. He did not make me feel as though I was the illness (like most gps), no, he treated me attentively like we all should be treated, like an alive person, human. So, thank you for your integrity and honesty. Will be back... If for some surprising reason, I am not better 🙂
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen
07:48 10 May 22
Domenic is incredible at what he does! Changed my life LITERALLY. I booked to see Domenic not knowing what to expect but I was hoping he would be able to help with my anxiety. During my initial consultation, I realised that there were a couple of things that were imbalanced in my body. Domenic recommended I follow a meal plan for two weeks and take the medicine provided. All I can say is WOW! My body has never felt so healthy and balanced. I felt the positive shift both mentally and physically. I highly recommend seeing Domenic, he is a genius!
10:11 23 Feb 22
emily almas
emily almas
21:40 13 Feb 22
Extremely happy with the service. Life changing and improving! Domenic never rushes, listens and provides explanation /education on symptoms and possible treatments. Not pushy and truly committed to helping.
Hanna Cleary
Hanna Cleary
08:08 08 Feb 22
Ela Kuru
Ela Kuru
02:03 09 Dec 21
I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and early 2020 saw me having a massive relapse of symptoms. I really liked that Domenic does a lot of testing to work out what is ACTUALLY going wrong inside my body with this complex illness and has treated that accordingly with much success. I can not recommend Domenic highly enough. 🙂
Laura Shirley
Laura Shirley
10:57 02 Sep 21
I came to Dom with a long list of symptoms I was experiencing and he helped me to identify underlying issues when other treatments had not been helpful. Dom is very knowledgeable, down to earth and has helped me to get my health back on track!
Natalie Pradolin
Natalie Pradolin
06:40 03 May 21
Highly recommend, professional, quality care and great results for my teenage daughter.
rosa coco
rosa coco
22:34 14 Apr 21
Dom is a wizard. Got to the cause of my problem within one session.Thanks Mate.
Ash Shah
Ash Shah
02:21 22 Feb 21
I have suffered from chronic eczema for more than 10 years now and recently it was so extreme that I had inflammation from head to toe and was looking desperately for help. I have been to so many other doctors, dermatologists, eczema clinics and even overseas doctors who could not help me with my skin. Within 2 months of following Domenic's prescription, my skin has improved dramatically and I have been feeling so much happier with being able to sleep and function normally. Thank you so much Domenic!!
Allyshia Tran
Allyshia Tran
06:58 04 Jan 21
After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility and trying with many doctors and health practitioners for four years, my husband and I were able to conceive a child naturally after treatment form Dominic. He was was the first health practitioner that looked in detail into what was happening in both my body and my husbands. After years of being told nothing was wrong by fertility doctors Dominic observed hormonal imbalances in both of us which were the cause of our 'unexplained infertility'. If you are a couple who has been given this diagnosis of unexplained infertility and been recommended IVF or other assisted reproduction therapy to treat this supposed condition, do your self a favour and consult Dominic first. We cannot thank him enough.
So grateful I found Dom, he is the only person I trust for my sons health and well-being and also my own. I have gone to GPs who give no explanation just suggest a chemical to treat my child with rather than investigating and treating the root cause. Dom is so caring, fair and genuine and I cannot recommend him more! Thank so, so much if I could recommend more than 5 stars I would⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Katharine Holli
Katharine Holli
06:54 14 Aug 20
Domenic is a fantastic naturopath - I have been seeing him for over 10 years. He has always been able to solve and treat my systemic health issues when mainstream doctors have not. Issues have included a lack of immune system, inflammatory skin rashes and reactions, and more recently weight gain caused by hormone imbalance and oestrogen dominance. He is thorough and knowledgeable and treats his patients holistically. I whole-heartedly believe in Domenic's skills as a naturopathic practitioner & will continue to see him as an essential element of my health and wellness journey. 🙂
Jordan Du Plessis
Jordan Du Plessis
02:41 04 Aug 20
Since seeing Domenic for issues with my anxiety and just feeling exhausted. I have never felt better, since following the plan Domenic has given me I am full of energy and my anxiety levels are low and another great bonus is that I am losing weight. definitely recommend Dominic for your health and natural medicine
Luke Murray (Murray93)
Luke Murray (Murray93)
01:31 10 Jul 20
Such a knowledgeable practitioner. I've been suffering IBS for over 5 years, been to so many doctors with no outcome. Dominic worked out what was wrong and formulated a personalised program and already feeling so much better. Thank you so much!
Daniela J
Daniela J
14:08 02 Jul 20
joe Cip
joe Cip
23:47 01 Feb 20
For many years I suffered with IBS symptoms including bloating, eczema, inflammation, anxiety etc....I saw many Naturopaths who would provide temporary relief. Domenic was the only one who could actually provide me with an ongoing solution to manage my symptoms. This was done through testing and treatment. Currently I have regular check ups with Domenic for ongoing maintenance of my IBS symptoms.
Adrienne Wilderman
Adrienne Wilderman
06:51 10 Dec 19
Dominic is an excellent practitioner with good knowledge in the area of health, diet, fitness and general well-being. He has a friendly, positive and jovial approach to his practice and is a natural motivator.
Arthur Stabolidis
Arthur Stabolidis
20:53 12 Nov 19
After suffering with hives on and off for nearly 15 years and seeing lots of doctors, specialists and natropaths in NSW and VIC with no results, Domenic got straight to the problem, sending me for the right tests. Once we knew what whas going on, he helped get my body back on track within a month - and I have not had any hives since. This was amazing for me as I was previously taking very strong drugs to try and keep the hives under control, but they weren't working. I was also worried about the side effects of these drugs after taking them for so long.Now as a busy mum of two under two, I see Domenic occasionally and he helps me with the right supplements so I can keep up with the demands of hectic mum life.After dealing with so many other specialists and natropaths, I can see Domenic really knows his stuff and I highly recommend him!
Leah Torning
Leah Torning
01:39 14 Jun 19
I very much value and appreciate Domenic 's expertise through which my health has improved in a myriad of areas. His knowledge, and genuine care is evident in his practice and he lives out his passion of taking people to a place of optimal health.
Charlene Antoneemootoo
Charlene Antoneemootoo
00:27 12 Jun 19
Domenic is very knowledgeable. He was able to pinpoint what was going on with me early into our consultation.
Body, Birth & Baby
Body, Birth & Baby
02:43 05 Feb 19
I highly recommend Vital Health and Natural Medicines.Domenic is a talented naturopath. He is extremely knowledgeable and is genuine on assisting his patients achieve their health goals.Domenic has treated my family, extended family and friends on a wide range of health concerns. All rave about their positive experiences and improved health.I am so grateful to Domenic for improving my health and that of my family.
Helen M
Helen M
10:12 26 Sep 18
Dom has been incredibly helpful to help me heal my stomach/digestion issues which I have been suffering with for years. He genuinely cares and has worked with me to feel healthier and happier. I am very appreciative of his knowledge and help, it has changed my life (in a very short period of time). I am excited to work with him in the future to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Would highly recommend Vital Health and Natural Medicine.
Stephanie Newman
Stephanie Newman
00:33 04 Jul 18
I would highly reccommend Domenic's services to anyone suffering any health concern at all. I particularly like Domenic's all encompassing approach to health and lifestyle and lifestyle factors. Domenic is a pleasure to deal with.
Hayley Beaden
Hayley Beaden
03:07 24 Jun 18
Thank you Domenic for helping me with my pain management. I went from constantly being in pain from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis feeling lethargic and extremely depressed. I can now say in only a month i have so much more movement and much less pain. Finally I found someone who has put me on a path to a better quality of life.. thankyou for giving me back my life . ~ Carmela
Carmel Clark
Carmel Clark
22:55 03 Jun 18
Domenic Pisanelli is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough and genuinely cares about his clients. As a six month client of Vital Health Solutions, I highly recommend Domenic. In this time my health has improved immensely. Domenic has taken the necessary time to fully understand my health issues, how they make me feel and the impact on my life. He is conscious of striking a balance between alleviating the symptoms and finding the root cause in order to improve my health in the long term.I am glad to have found Domenic and extremely grateful for his kindness and the help he has given to me.
Lisa Dowsing
Lisa Dowsing
08:39 25 Feb 18
Dominic was able to help my daughter with her hay fever problems and constant sore stomachs. I would recommend Dominic to anyone who may be experiencing these problems.
Carlo Di Carlo
Carlo Di Carlo
11:10 08 Feb 18
Highly recommend Dom. I have been seeing him for weightloss and by taking the time to get to know me and my body I have successfully lost 9 KG. Would highly recommend to anyone that has been through the fads and is truly looking for a lifestyle change and confidence boost! Thanks for all your knowledge and time Dom!!!
Jaime-lee Forward
Jaime-lee Forward
22:42 17 Oct 17
Belinda Morgan
Belinda Morgan
09:57 02 Aug 17
I have been going to Dom for over 10 years. I consider him to be the best health professional I know. He has helped me overcome many health issues incl blood pressure, digestion, and bronchitis. Since going to Dom I have not had to take antibiotics at all. I would highly recommend him as his manner is so warm and welcoming. I now travel from Ormond if I need to see him and the trip is always worth it. Mary
Mary Mahoney
Mary Mahoney
07:10 18 Dec 16
I have been seeing Naturopath Domenic for more than 10 years. He is very caring and thorough in his approach. I have seen him for various reasons over the years and I have always had great results and his guidance and support has helped me to feel well again. He has always offered different options of care and some of the latest testing available to ensure the best outcome for me. Domenic is always available and if I have been travelling I am able to have a phone/Skype consult with him as well which has helped immensely. I would highly recommend Domenic.
21:05 01 Dec 16
Very good, friendly & experienced service. Spends time with u to find out exactly what the issues are. Resolved my health issues and I highly recommend seeing Dom to anyone! I even take my 5yo Son to see him! 🙂
11:51 30 Nov 16
I have had many dealings with Dom over past few years and I consider him to be one of the best practising naturopaths in the market place. Dome has a genuine interest in helping people to understand their individual health and his diagnostic abilities are second to none. Dom is consistent and reliable and you can be assured he will always be there to help you take care of your health.
Craig Young
Craig Young
08:36 28 Nov 16
Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is a very knowledgeable and experienced health care provider who has helped me immensely with my health concerns. His caring approach and strategies have allowed me to live a healthier and happier life. I have no hesitation in recommending him and Vita Health.
Diane Newton
Diane Newton
07:31 22 Jun 16

Why Choose My Vital Health Solutions?


20 Years Experience

We won’t risk your health with less experienced naturopaths, at my Vital Health Solutions we have over 20 years’ experience and have successfully treated 100s of customers.


Specialised Testing

We remove the guesswork by using functional medicine and testing to analyse and accurately identify the root cause of your health issues.


Specialised Treatments

We use high quality practitioner only treatments from Australia and USA to effectively treat your conditions where other options may have failed.


Tailored Treatment Plans

We do not advocate ‘overnight treatments’, all our treatments are tailored around successfully treating your exact health concerns rather than generic ‘one size fits all’ plans


Consistent Follow Up

You’re not on your own, we understand the struggle in our customers journey which is why provide consistent follow up with you to make sure you’re on track with our recommended treatment plan.


Risk Free Guarantee

If symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following our plan, we will refund your money back on all consulting fees.

At My Vital Health Solutions, we:

Listen: We believe that by establishing deep connections with our patients, we can address their pains more precisely

Attend to only you: We are never in a hurry. Our patients have all our attention during

Nurturing a bond: We build relationships as the very first stage of the treatment

No long queues: We appreciate your time and thus, do not keep you waiting for appointments

Inspire you: We believe in working with a motivated frame of mind to achieve desired results

Clear about our plans: We don’t keep your treatment under wraps. You will be well informed
about every step and detail of your treatment plan

Answer your Whys: We encourage questions and are happy to have your questions answered

You know what’s happening: We are transparent with your treatment

You belong: During the course of treatment and beyond, we make everyone strive for wellness

Deliver: We do not make false promises, we are concerned with genuine and life changing results

Testing: In-house test kits available based on functional medicine that are accurate and measures
system function

The right nutrition and the right supplementation is  paramount for well being. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli constantly works towards delivering all using sound functional medicine principles!

At My Vital Health Solutions, We Provide Life Changing Health Solutions

About Our Founder/Practitioner

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back.  As an experienced naturopath with over 20 years of clinical experience, Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli, when looking at any Health Restoration program, does not advocate ‘miracles or get healthy overnight schemes’ as such a solution doesn’t exist in any genuine wellness plan. He is known for tailoring each treatment plan to suit an individual’s body, mind and health needs. 

He is an experienced naturopath who has involved himself in treating families using a combination of nutrition rich plans, computerised electro dermal screenings, food sensitivity testing, live blood analysis, herbal medicine, iridology, organic acids testing, Microbiome testing, Salivary Hormonal Testing and homoeopathy to achieve weight loss, energy improvements, digestive health improvements, hormonal balancing and reversal of autoimmune conditions. Naturopathy is truly able to encompass Body, Mind and Spirit and can embody amazing transformation in one’s being.

The right nutrition and the right supplementation is paramount for well being. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli constantly works towards delivering wellness to all his clients!.

Well-being Is For Everyone.

We Use Naturopathic Principles To Get You There!

If symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following my suggestions, I will refund your money back on services. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple! That’s how confident I am in delivering my services.

Your well-being and great health is just a 20-min call away!

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