How a Good Naturopath Could Be Your Mentor And Change Your Life!

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May 19, 2019
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May 28, 2019


Don’t Let Your Health Take A Back Seat: A Naturopath Can Help!

Over the last 18 plus years one common question I am asked is “How do I Find a Great Naturopath?” 

That’s a very good question and at first it may sound easy to answer but there are a number of considerations to look into and I have put the answers into a 4 Step Process.

But First . . .

Have you reached a stage in your life when you are thinking you need to start improving or preserving your health?

Nowadays, it’s easier to lead a healthy lifestyle than ever before, for the following simple reasons:

  • We now have all the information we need about health, fitness and nutrition at our fingertips …. aka Dr Google.
  • Healthy foods and snacks are readily available everywhere, from restaurants to supermarkets and petrol stations
  • Nutritional information is printed on almost all food products and many restaurant menus
  • Gyms and health centers are springing up everywhere, at more affordable prices

So Why Are So Many Of Us Still Not Taking Note?

The main reason is our busy, hectic lifestyles.

It’s much easier to look things up quickly on the internet to find out what’s wrong, but that can take you down a never ending rabbit hole.

It’s much easier to grab a burger or a cheese and ham sandwich or a chocolate bar…and who’s in the mood for cooking after a long, hard day at work?

And as for as going to the gym, pounding away on a treadmill in our precious spare time can be sooo boring!

The contradiction, confusion and overwhelm Dr Google or the information age can put one into can be frightening.

A number of patients have discussed with me their anxiety and emotional turmoil they went through when looking up their Symptoms on the internet.


One patient thought her symptoms were that of Multiple Sclerosis, because of her rabbit hole experience with Dr Google.

She had frequent pins and needles through her right leg and arm.

All medical tests were negative.

After spending many weeks in anguish over what she thought was happening to her, within one week of seeing me her symptoms were gone because of getting to the root cause of her concerns.

. . . and for anyone who has been through this, I can certainly feel for you.

The overwhelm and confusion can paralyse a person.

I also personally remember when I first started my health journey.

I wanted to improve my digestive system and back 25 years ago all I had for research was books and journals.

No internet.

I would read one article on improving gut function and would get inspired thinking that was the best way to move forward only to be confused because the next day I read in another article how the research was flawed within the first article and I should take this advise which was in total contradiction to the first article.

This was constant when looking into health through the eyes of western medicine.

Then I started researching Natural medicine and the confusion stopped.

The confusion and contradiction with Dr Google these days on Natural Health is even more baffling because they say the first couple of pages of Google are filled with marketers.

Marketers of Natural medicine but not Practitioners and this is a huge distinction to understand.

. . . and once I went to a Holistic Naturopath and they were few and far between back then, the confusion stopped.

How a Naturopath Can Help!

Some of us need a little push as far as improving our health is concerned, so a Naturopath is like a health coach who will mentor you and motivate you.

A Naturopathic health coach is a medical professional and supportive mentor, qualified in educating and motivating people to develop their inner wisdom, identify their values and make positive and sustainable health choices.

The most IMPORTANT part of choosing a mentor is identifying a person whose VALUES align with yours.

There are a lot of great people who are doing incredible things, but it’s very difficult to learn from somebody if their values don’t align with your values.

That is my #1 tip for identifying who you want to be your mentor.

A mentor who is aligned with your values will support you as you work towards achieving your goals through making lifestyle adjustments.

One of my key values that I follow is having a Mentor myself.

For example how could I expect to Mentor my patients if I haven’t a mentor I can bounce ideas with and keep me grounded!

It’s in-congruent with my message.

At present I have a Health Coach, Business coach and a Personal trainer helping me achieve what I want in life.

That’s being congruent.

Your health coach will help you to set your health goals, put you on the right track to better health and make sure you stay on it.

A Holistic Naturopathic Health Coach

If you are someone who prefers to follow natural medicine to another level, then a holistic Naturopathic health coach may be for you.

A holistic Naturopathic health coach is able to blend both Ancient Philosophies / wisdom, Natural Medicine, Genetics and Western Medicine’s Pathology screening to ensure the causes of your health challenge or challenges are directly treated.

Another important concept is a holistic Naturopathic health coach will only give you supplements if testing reveals you need them.

Many patients walk in with a number of vitamin pills that they read somewhere about how great they are but when we test for them their levels are fine. One lady who was taking Vitamin D and hadn’t had her Vitamin D levels tested was shocked when we did her Vitamin D test to find out she was well over the reference range.

A holistic naturopathic health coach will also do the minimal amount that is needed and will talk to you about what you can or cannot do, both emotionally and or financially.

I remember a gentleman came to see me 10 years ago and even another recently who said, “Dom I can afford anything you want to give me but I cannot take anymore than 3 pills or powders at one time. Give me any more that that and I go into overwhelm.”

And another patient who said, “Dom I can take anything you give me, but I can only afford one bottle of tablets to the value of $50 per month”.

It’s important for these discussions to occur, to be transparent and open so that your holistic naturopathic health coach caters for your every need.

A holistic naturopathic health coach will provide information, education and support to anyone seeking alternative forms of healing and treatment.

A holistic naturopathic health coach doesn’t listen to fad science, but follows the wisdom of ancient medicine that has been around for thousands of years.

One example of fad science would be back in the late 1980’s, western medicine’s research said we should eat less fats and avoid them altogether.

However when I researched what Ancient Medicine said about fats, the answer was a huge yes, they are needed daily.

I remember back in the early 90’s and in early 2000 how difficult it was to get patients to eat fats.

This is why we have now epidemics of being overweight, obesity, diabetes, dementia and degenerative disease because without good fats this is the end result.

Good fats of course not hydrogenated vegetable oils and alike.

…  and those who took my advice of eating good fats are today enjoying the benefits.

Now research agrees with ancient medicine . . . but it took them nearly 3 decades to admit they were wrong

… or did they admit it!

A holistic naturopathic health coach may be for you even if you are new to natural medicine, or if you have had health problems in the past and are seeking alternative answers.

Or you may have no health challenges at all and you’re interested in preventative medicine strategies individually designed for you.

A holistic naturopathic health coach knows that a person is not truly healthy unless all aspects of their life are in balance.

He will therefore guide you and help you live a healthy life in general, not just through nutrition and exercise, but in all areas of your life, including your relationships, your spirituality and your career.

How To Choose A  Naturopathic Health Coach

A Simple 4 Step Process . . .

Choosing the right Naturopathic health coach is fundamental to your success.

Here’s a guide. Choose . . .

  • Someone whose values align with yours
  • Someone you feel comfortable with and only gives supplements because tests reveal they are required.
  • Someone who has both ancient medicine understanding plus western medicine knowledge.
  • Someone who treats causes, listens and will be there for you.

On an end note always gravitate to a holistic naturopathic health coach who has empathy, compassion and over delivers on their services ….. helping you to achieve Vital Health.

Until next time,

Caring for you naturally,

From the team at Vital Health and Natural Medicine!

Domenic Pisanelli

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