Are you constantly tired and feeling unwell?

Do you struggle with finding answers about your condition especially after all blood tests come back normal?

There is a way to find out by using the “rolls royce” of functional testing called the organic acids test, a urine sample able to reveal dysfunction and more importantly able to detect which nutrients are needed to get you out of this rollercoaster of ill health once and for all.

As a Functional Medicine Integrative Naturopath at Vital Health, I treat many clients
with the following challenges:

Low energy and moods that go up and down for no apparent reasons

Anxiety, feeling wired but tired and always on edge

Gut problems like bloating, “IBS” even though they eat a healthy diet

Sore muscles, aching joints

Taking heaps of supplements but still feeling unwell

Going to doctors, returning normal blood results and to be told that” it’s all in your head, and to go home and just eat a good diet!”

You may be reading this and resonating with this and just know that you are not alone. Your frustration is also my frustration because Organic Acid Testing can reveal the dysfunction in the body as opposed to looking for pathology which blood tests are trying to uncover. Basically, normal blood results means no pathology…..that’s a good thing, but it doesn’t explain your feeling of ill health.

Organic Acids Testing

In a urine sample, substances or metabolites show up in the urine as part of normal metabolism. An overactive or underactive metabolic function will show up in the urine as excessively high or low metabolites. From these results, I can design a laser-focussed protocol to get your metabolism back into balance.

If there’s only one nutritional functional test that you can afford, then the organic acids test is the one to get.

When I see a client, the following issues generally come up through a thorough history taking consultation.

Low cellular energy production

Hidden or “silent” inflammation in the body

High stress overload in the body

Nutrient deficiencies, especially B-vitamins

Digestive problems that a stool test couldn’t find

Low levels of “feel good” chemicals

Exposure to toxins

Overwhelmed detox pathways, liver/kidneys

These can be overwhelming issues that can cause a myriad of symptoms. These symptoms are present due to functional problems and the ORGANIC ACIDS TEST can identify where the dysfunction is located.

The information obtained through Organic Acids testing is invaluable because it’s  a sensitive blueprint, evidence based piece of information, of precisely what isn’t functioning properly in your brain, gut, cells and detoxification pathways.

Integrative functional medicine naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is trained to interpret and design a protocol from the organic acids test to get you back in good health.

The test report comes as a 7 page snapshot of your metabolic function. It can be tricky to interpret, so an experienced clinician is required to help you understand some of the long words and coloured charts. Most organic acids test reveal more than one issue, so the plan to correct these imbalances requires expertise in designing a progressive plan to correct the problems. Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has been trained by the Kalish method which is a functional medicine lab base health approach to restoring the three main body systems, hormones, digestion and detoxification.

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So what problems and imbalances can an organic acids test identify?

Cellular Energy Production:

We have cells in the body to make energy. Nutrient deficiencies such as B-vitamins, protein deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, low levels of Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Magnesium can cause low cellular energy production which in turn leads to fatigue, poor memory, concentration issues to name a few.

Fatty Acid Metabolism:

Cells also derive energy from burning fat properly. Metabolism errors in this function causes you to feel tired, down and have difficulty losing weight or burning fat. Again, certain nutrients will address this dysfunction.

B –Vitamin Status:

B-Vitamin deficiencies can cause low energy, mood issues and methylation or detoxification problems. The test can pinpoint certain B- Vitamins that will benefit and address the metabolic pathway.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO):

This condition is prevalent I find in IBS and it can’t be found in a stool test. There are certain bacterial markers that indicate bacteria problems in the small intestine. A comprehensive gut protocol can be designed for this sort of problem. In clinical practice, this treatment alone can improve fatigue, mood, inflammation and other body-wide problems.

Candida Overgrowth:

Yeast infection can cause a myriad of body-wide problems. The test can measure levels of candida and this can be the cause of the fatigue, gut symptoms, inflammation, foggy head and pain that one experiences.

Neurotransmitter/stress Hormone Metabolism:

Brain chemistry is measured through compounds found in urine which can ascertain adrenal fatigue, dopamine, tyrosine and serotonin deficiencies which can affect mood and addictive patterns.

Oxidative Stress/Inflammation:

Oxidative stress and inflammation is also measured through specific organic acid markers. Important to correct if suffering from allergies, infections and autoimmune problems.

I’m sure you’ll agree, an organic acids test provides tons of information that has helped me unravel health mysteries for hundreds of my clients. Sometimes the treatment only involves a few nutrients to improve the function, and in other cases, more systems have to be considered and affected to get you back in good health.

Effective, evidence based nutritional supplements coupled with effective functional protocols.

Nutritional medicine is the corner stone of my practice and I know how effective this can be, but a lot of the time most nutritional recommendations are based on symptoms and how to relieve these symptoms without really knowing the cause. Organic Acids Testing is effective in finding causes.

Maybe you have a cupboard full of supplements that have cost you a lot of money and don’t make you feel any better. By doing an Organic Acids test, the results will reveal what you actually need to correct the imbalances, saving you money and getting you well quicker. The fact that the Organic acids test can reveal 46 possible metabolic imbalances, is testament to the fact that answers can be derived from these results, leading to better health outcomes.

How is an organic acid test performed?

It’s very easy to do an organic acids test. No doctor’s or lab visits. Simply done at home with a test kit.

Given to you at your initial consultation to take home and complete. Otherwise can be ordered and sent to your home.

Collect a urine sample first thing in the morning.

Freeze the sample.

Return your urine to the lab in a pre-packaged postage paid envelope.

It takes 10-14 days for your results to be available.

You receive a detailed 7 page report.

What happens after the report is analysed?

Once the results come in a one hour consultation is scheduled and recommendations will be made to bring you back to balance. Depending on the results, the following actions may include:

Food and nutrition advice to improve certain parameters.

Advice on stress reduction

Individualised and specific supplements and herbs.

Follow up recommendations to review improvements.

The organic acids test is the one test to consider if suffering from a chronic problem or if you are interested in preventative medicine to keep you well.

As a functional integrative Naturopath at Vital Health, I have used Organic acids Testing on many clients with complex issues because it is incredibly accurate and it reveals hidden reasons for symptoms that other tests cannot find, and that most medical doctors won’t even consider.

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