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What Is Iridology?

Naturopath Iridology Melbourne

Iridology is the study of the iris. The iris and pupil of the eyes are windows to what is actually happening within the body systems. By analysing the structure, colour, as well as texture of these parts, the practitioners of iridology, can get insights into what is happening in the system. The marks that are observed within the eye are not indicative of abnormalities within this structure, but rather of changes and disturbances within the system. 

Any disturbance in the homeostasis of the body causes a change in the nerve impulses and the blood flow. The muscles, connective tissue, sphincters in the eye are impacted by these changes in impulses and blood flow and their structure undergo a change. 

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Through functional medicine, naturopath Domenic Pisanelli will get to the root cause of why you are feeling unwell and what could be the possible reasons for this. Iridology is a non-invasive procedure but yet the iris charts reveal a host of information about the body and its systems. Instead of OTC drugs, naturopathy focuses on a deep rooted approach. Addressing diet, lifestyle, eating patterns and more helps the practitioner gain an understanding of your lifestyle and take steps to guide you to better health.

“If symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of well-being and vitality within 30 days of following my suggestions, I will refund your money back on services. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple! That’s how confident I am in delivering my services.”

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What Are The Benefits Of Iridology?

Alternative medicine aims to assess the health of the person as a whole and diagnose diseases. In such cases, iridology is of great use. It reveals certain dysfunctions that may not be revealed by the usual medical checkups.

The study of the iris can reveal

  • Stress in the organs
  • Predisposition to disease conditions
  • Overfunctioning of the organs
  • Areas of the body where inflammation is seen
  • The tendency for acidity, arthritis, reduced tissue function, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress, digestive disorders etc. 
  • Nutritional needs 
  • Which organs need more attention and which are undergoing stress
  • Circulation and blood flow
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