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Vital Health and Natural Medicine uses a revolutionary, creative, all-encompassing model for health and wellness, integrating these seven elements critical to health and wellness:

What Is Genomic Wellness?

With the advent of genomic testing in 2001, we developed a Vital Health personalised health model and have been using it for the past 18 years. By adopting the whole person approach, we see to it that you achieve the balance you are seeking and are able to live a healthier life. 

Genomic testing is done to identify the changes in chromosomes or in the DNA sequence and how these can manifest into symptoms over a period of time or with triggering factors. Once it is understood what diseases you are susceptible to, or how a certain diet pattern can cause you to develop a condition, etc. it is easier to avoid disaster by sticking to a plan.

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How Can Genetic Wellness Be Regulated?

DNA is the blueprint of who we really are. While this is a known fact, what is lesser known is that even though this blueprint exists, it is external influences that can turn on or off certain genes. Epigenetics is the study of how environemtatl factors can influence how genes work. These parts of the genes ‘epigenomes’ which interact with the environment are responsible for the changes that are brought about and thus through the course of naturopathy, the focus is on studying how to use this interaction to one’s advantage. 

DNA testing is done by swabbing a saliva sample and then running it through a sequencing machine. The analogy that can be used to explain the interaction between environmental factors and gene expression is that of a gun. A loaded gun represents the genetic makeup of the person, and the things that are beyond your control. However, external factors are the triggers that set off the cascade.

Seek Natural Help For Genomic Wellness!

One often asks what they can expect from a DNA testing at My Vital Health Solutions. The following is what you can gain: 

  • Preventive strategies to avoid disease once you know your genetic weaknesses
  • Personalised dietary program
  • Individual tolerance of caffeine, alcohol etc can be determined and along with this the metabolism of these
  • Identifies risk factors to conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, genetic lined diseases etc.
Genomic Testing Melbourne

Genetic Testing Helps You To Have More Control Over Your Health!

Through our DNA profiling, you will get an idea of how your body functions and what it needs. These diagnostic tests help detect genetic mutations. The test is beneficial as: 

  • Weight loss profile is helpful in knowing how your body responds to weight changes and steps you can take to avoid unhealthy weight gain
  • Sports profile determines the kind of endurance you have and at what point the body gives way during exercise
  • Conditions such as blood pressure, ageing etc can also be worked out
  • The body’s detoxification methods can also be studied in great detail
  • Bone health can be understood along with risk factors
  • Risk factors for conditions such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, etc can be known
  • The kind of nutrients and vitamins you need is also determined by your genetic makeup
  • Predisposing factors to mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, etc can be studied


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