Free Health Quiz

The Vital Health Quiz is designed to give an indication of which systems of your body may be producing symptoms.

The Vital Health Quiz will

  • Point to hidden drivers behind your health problems
  • Understand what system may be dysfunctional
  • Allow you to delve deeper into your health and well-being




Conditions that may be associated with an imbalance in body systems include:

Adverse drug reactions
Chronic fatigue
Digestive complaints
Food intolerances

Dysfunction of the immune system
Headaches or migraines
Menopausal symptoms
Motor neuron disease
Multiple chemical sensitivities

Muscle pain
Parkinson’s disease
Premenstrual syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis

What Naturopathy can do for you?

How would you like to dramatically boost your energy levels, achieve better health, balance hormone levels , drop excessive weight, get out of pain and increase your chances of getting into wellness?

By visiting Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli , he will strive to effect positive changes in the way that you will feel and function. The whole of naturopathy is based on improving and promoting health. Naturopathy provides concepts and strategies for building health care practices into models of preventative medicine rather than common model of illness management. Domenic takes a holistic approach to your health and looks to identify exactly what issues are affecting you and takes the necessary action to treat the cause of your problems rather than just symptoms.

Philosophically, naturopathic medicine views acute disease as the body’s attempt to purge itself of accumulated toxic substances. Therefore, most degenerative diseases are the body’s attempt to survive at a lowered state of health. Over time your body is forced to accept toxins it is not capable of detoxifying and eliminating. Prolonged toxicity in the blood, infection and tissue inflammation results in decreased vitality, function and ultimately, in the degeneration of tissues.

If you experience allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, skin conditions, weight problems, fertility issues, stress, anxiousness or simply feel out of sorts then a qualified naturopath can help. A naturopath utilises treatments that work with your body’s natural healing process rather than just suppressing your symptoms. This approach allows you to not only overcome any problems that you may have, but also improves your general wellbeing, boosts your immunity and increases your energy and vitality.

Western civilization is facing a progressive increase in immune-mediated, gut-related health problems, such as allergies, and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Genetic factors are an unlikely explanation for these rapid increases in disease incidence. These diseases are associated with impairment of gut barrier function and research shows the host defence mechanisms in the gut have decreased during the past decades.

Many disease complications can be greatly improved, and often completely healed, by the restoration and maintenance of a healthy intestinal environment. Treatment protocols that start at “the gut level” can often address many of the symptoms and inflammatory process of illness, by getting to the root cause of the condition. An integrated, well-balanced intestinal environment not only improves the assimilation and digestion of nutrients, but also reduces reactivity to food antigens.

The delicate ecology of the human intestinal microflora has a subtle, yet pervasive influence on our general health. In cases of dysbiosis, when the microflora is damaged or imbalanced, by stressors both externally and internally generated, it is imperative that gut integrity must be restored first.

Deficiencies of many vitamins are common and increasingly being recognised as a cause of many chronic diseases. Important examples of the value of appropriate supplementation in the prevention and treatment of disease include the use of B vitamins to lower homocysteine (marker for higher risk of cardiovascular disease), the decreased risk of cancer with diets high in antioxidants and reduced risk of birth defects for babies whose mothers take vitamin supplements.

So, why choose Vital Health and Natural Medicine for your health concerns?

We take a comprehensive case history, and use the ORION Computerised Electro dermal screen to  analyse exactly what is going on with your body to give you the most effective health solution that is tailored specifically for YOU. Once we have identified the true cause of your problem we provide you with the guidance and support to eliminate your problems and return you to a state of health that you forgot was even possible. It is this individual attention and care that will allow you to achieve the lasting health change you desire.

Call us to learn how we can help you overcome your health problems. We would be happy to discuss how you can use a natural approach to address your health concerns and reach your optimal level of health.


How To Choose A  Naturopathic Health Coach

A Simple 4 Step Process . . .

Choosing the right Naturopathic health coach is fundamental to your success.

Here’s a guide. Choose . . .

  • Someone whose values align with yours
  • Someone you feel comfortable with and only gives supplements because tests reveal they are required.
  • Someone who has both ancient medicine understanding plus western medicine knowledge.
  • Someone who treats causes, listens and will be there for you.

On an end note always gravitate to a holistic naturopathic health coach who has empathy, compassion and over delivers on their services ….. helping you to achieve Vital Health.

Contact us today to start your journey to optimal health