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Computerised Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS Testing)

With Computerised Electrodermal Screening, Any System Dysfunction can Be Checked For By Measuring Electrical Resistance On Skin

Allergies, overactive immune systems and health complications are not uncommon. Find out what is triggering you!

What Is CEDS Testing?

There are acupuncture points that are distributed through the body. When there are allergic reactions, or the immune system is in overdrive, the energetic fields around these points are disturbed. The CEDS test is a Computerised Electro Dermal Test. The test uses a device that monitors the natural energetic reaction at these points. When the device is placed near the skin, there are electrical changes that occur at these points and this indicates that there is something amiss. The test helps suggest if a particular essential nutrient is depleted, if antibodies are present in excess or if there lies a problem in the systems of the body. The procedure is non-invasive and at the same time allows the practitioner to get a sense of what is wrong within the body and adopt an approach to correct it.

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How Does CEDS Testing Help Determine Abnormalities?

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The food we eat passes from the mouth to the digestive tract and from there to the intestines where the nutrients are absorbed and the wastes are then eliminated. If there is damage to the mucous membranes through the digestive tract, the toxins tend to leak out and the immune system recognises these as threats thus generating an immune response. An allergic response or in some cases, inflammation is seen in certain areas of the body, each having its own characteristic form of manifestation. Since every meridian through the body is associated with a particular organ, the electrical change in any of these will suggest a problem in that particular organ or system of the body. In case of allergies, the testing will then give the practitioner an idea of what exactly causes these and thus what foods are good and bad.

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Seek Natural Help For System Dysfunction!

At Vital Health And Natural Medicine, along with the CEDS testing, a full detox is done so that the system has a chance to flush out toxins and be clear of any components that would trigger an immune or allergic reaction. Once the detox is done, one can be sure that the system is now free from toxins and then a diet is introduced. After the consumption of a certain food, if the CEDS test suggests electrical resistance, it would mean that that particular food is causing the reaction. The food can then be eliminated from the diet or ways could be resorted to ensure that the gut health is balanced. 

CEDS test Melbourne
Often people resort to OTC drugs and medications for temporary relief from the symptoms. These, however, do not help the person completely as the symptoms resurface after some time. With alternative medicine, once the CEDS test indicates dysfunction in the system, naturopath Domenic Pisanelli will conduct a comprehensive assessment where he understands your diet, lifestyle and habits. Then he will go on to see how your health has progressed or deteriorated and take steps to improve it.

As part of the lifestyle we lead, there are various xenotoxins that we come across. These can hinder optimal functioning of the body and cause an upheaval in health. Through the detox, the aim is to limit the exposure to a minimum so the body has time to recuperate and revive. The CEDS technique is non-invasive and thus, there are no side effects to it. In addition to this, it helps detect the problems that cannot be detected through routine examinations. 

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