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September 30, 2013
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February 18, 2014

Many people today suffer from allergies. Allergies can be the result of eating bio-incompatible foods over a period of time. Allergic reactions are accumulative and a visible reaction may not take place for up to four days. Often people crave the very foods they are allergic to.
Before problems can be diagnosed at clinical level there are often a number of things that could have gone wrong along the bio-chemical pathway in the body. For example; food enters the mouth and is chewed and swallowed, the food then goes through digestion in the stomach. It then passes into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. From there it goes into the Colon or large intestine where mostly water is absorbed.
If there is damage to the mucous membrane anywhere in the digestive tract, it can allow undigested food components to get into the bloodstream. Once these foreign particles have entered the bloodstream the immune system has a number of defence mechanisms to remove/neutralise them. If the immune system is overactive it will produce too many antibodies. These excess antibodies can then rupture mast cells that contain histamine. Excess histamine can cause inflammation anywhere in the body. Once this inflammation accumulates in a certain area, we give that inflamed area a name. In the joints it can cause or aggravate arthritic pains. In the respiratory tract it can cause or aggravate sinus, asthma and excess mucous. In the nervous system it can cause or aggravate headaches, migraine, depression, tiredness and add to ADHD. In the skin it can cause or aggravate rashes, eczema, psoriasis and hives.
Research has shown that around 98% of disease states have an inflammatory component.
There are many different types of reactions. The two major groups with allergy are allergic reactions and intolerances. Allergic reactions are what result in inflammation. Other foods and products can aggravate the inflammation. Intolerances are what people pick up most of all. The reaction/pain is often immediate and can be quite severe. By removing the offending food the person can experience a measure of relief; however the underlying cause is still there. Many medications, creams and supplements will give symptom relief but the underlying cause remains.
There are a number of tests that determine allergens at a clinical level. Any test only gives us information – what we do with that information is where we get results. By removing allergens we can sometimes correct the symptoms; but the underlying cause of the overactive immune system is still there.
Computerized Electro-Dermal testing is at a sub-clinical level. It is aimed at finding out what is causing the immune system to over-activate. Here organs and systems are tested collectively and how we use the information from the test is of extreme importance. By eating only the foods that come up ok in the test, we are ruling out all other foods which can add to the overall problem. If you have had some other type of reaction to the items in our test, it is important to avoid these as well while on a detox programme. If we can get the immune system working efficiently all reactive foods and products should correct.
As we are starting at a sub clinical level it can take time for the immune system to correct and symptoms to disappear. Some people see symptom relief in a few days others have taken 6-8 weeks; depending on where or how much the pathway is compromised. It may be necessary to use supplements, creams and medications to give symptom relief until the immune system corrects and deals with the problem.
Other factors like parasites, viruses, heavy metals etc can impact on the immune system as well and may have to be addressed by our Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli. Re-assessment is best done after 2 weeks on a detox programme. At this stage we should be seeing a fair measure of relief. If you are not progressing well enough at that stage we may need to look at other factors or simply give it more time for your immune system to repair – it takes a minimum of 6 months for the immune system to repair. If there is tissue damage supplements may be required to help in the repair process. If the tissue damage is very severe it may take a long time or never repair.

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