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The Three Ingredients That Can Assist In Weight Loss!

Forget every dieting and exercise “rule” you’ve ever been told! What I’m about to reveal in this blog will change EVERYTHING!
My name is Domenic Pisanelli, N.D., Naturopath at Vital Health and Natural medicine. In all the years of treating people in  Melbourne for weight loss, I have come in contact with two products that work amazingly in shifting those unwanted kilos.

Stunning, new research has uncovered the ultimate secret to slimming down, dropping inches of fat, flattening your belly, and keeping the weight off for good. And it’s NOT about obsessing over diet and exercise!
Don’t get me wrong, eating right and being active are important for a long and healthy life – it’s just that they don’t solve a weight problem once you’re stuck in a cycle of fat!

Blast Away the Most Stubborn Fat Fast and Forever!

You CAN fix what diet and exercise can’t! It’s all thanks to an easier and dramatically different approach to “conventional” weight loss. It’s not a gimmick, fad diet, or some exhausting exercise program. It’s a way you can drop clothing sizes and watch your body get leaner and healthier day after day, week after week – and it’s healthy and safe!
What’s more, it gives you the kind of energy, strength, and stamina you haven’t felt in years – even decades!

It’s two products used together, EPA/DHA and RESIST X …A groundbreaking FAT LOSS DISCOVERY that helps you fix the two most overlooked and misunderstood factors of weight loss…METABOLISM meltdown and loss of MUSCLE MASS.

Shocking Facts on Body Fat, Muscle, and Metabolism

Metabolism is simply the process your body uses to convert what you eat and drink into energy – what’s not used for energy turns into fat, especially in your abdomen! But there’s more to it…
Science shows that losing muscle mass as you age may be the biggest factor affecting your metabolism…triggering weight gain and increasing the amount of fat you store.

From age 30 through 50, you lose anywhere from 2.5 to 5.0 kilos of muscle mass (that’s men and women!) This decreasing muscle is what wreaks havoc on your metabolism and packs on the fat!
Every half a kilo of muscle in your body burns 35 calories a day, while each half a kilo of fat burns just 2 measly calories a day. So kilo for kilo, muscle has 94% more calorie-burning power!
The bottom line: You simply CAN’T slim down without dealing with both your metabolism and muscle loss. And this is the key to these two products – possibly the most important weight loss breakthrough of our time! It deals with the fact that…

Dieting Makes it Worse and Exhausting Exercise Doesn’t Work!

The trouble is, when you go on a diet that focuses on calorie restriction, it virtually ignores your muscles. In fact, your body actually thinks it’s starving which triggers a survival-type instinct. So while you may lose a few kilos quickly, your body automatically goes into an “energy saving” mode.
This Ends up Lowering your Metabolism and Makes you Burn even Fewer Calories!

The cycle of fat continues no matter how many calories you restrict or how much willpower you have. So maybe you try to sweat the weight off instead. You hit the gym, start running every day, try the latest exercise video…anything to lose the weight.
So why does it feel like an impossible uphill battle? Because you’re lacking the muscle, strength, and metabolic fuel to get you going and keep you going!
Here’s What Does Work…

Epa/Dha and Resist X works within your own body to break the fat cycle – dealing with both muscle mass and metabolism regardless of your age or fitness level. As you’re about to discover, it works in extraordinary ways…
Turns fat into lean muscle, reducing your body fat by a significant 20%!
Trims your body shape starting in just weeks – even if you change nothing about your diet and exercise program!
Continually fuels your metabolism so you burn more calories even when you’re resting!
Flattens and tones unhealthy, unsightly belly fat.
Naturally controls hunger, boosts your energy, and even helps stabilize blood sugar!
Its Phenomenal Slimming Power Comes From Joining Three Natural Powerhouses…


The “Skinny Fat” that Increases Lean, Fat-Burning Muscle!
There’s an unusual and extraordinarily healthy fat called EPA.  It used to be in our foods in abundance. The highest levels were in beef, lamb, and dairy products.
Unfortunately, EPA levels in foods have plummeted in the last 30 years due to changes in animal feeding methods. Most of today’s meat and dairy comes from animals that eat prepared feeds instead of being range-fed on grass – this destroys the natural levels of EPA. So what does this mean for us?

We are Literally Being Robbed of the One Fat that Makes us Skinny!

EPA is unusual. Rather than accumulating as fat on your body, it has the almost opposite effect! Decades of research and more than 600 studies shows that EPA has a slew of great health benefits. But it’s the ability to significantly shift body composition from fat to muscle that makes it so extraordinary!

When you take the researched levels of EPA which is 2,000 mg per day, it works to help you lose weight in the right places, trim pounds of fat, and drop clothing sizes! Check out the research…
Lose 20% of your body fat while increasing lean muscle! Volunteers received EPA or placebo and were asked not to make any changes in their diet and lifestyle during the three-month study. The EPA group had a significant reduction in body fat percent from 21.3% to 17.0%, and a reduction in body weight. The reason for reduced weight loss and 20% decrease in body fat percentage was due to increase in lean muscle.

Flatten your belly! Volunteers received EPA or placebo for four weeks, and did not make changes in their diet and lifestyle during the study. The EPA group had a significant decrease in belly fat diameter.
Naturally control your urge to eat! One double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that people taking EPA experienced significant increased feelings of fullness and satiety, and decreased feelings of hunger over a 13-week period. This means that EPA is very useful in helping to control appetite – a major obstacle for most people when trying to lose weight.

But there’s more to it… EPA helps eliminate the “yo-yo” pattern of losing weight and then gaining it all back. Clinical studies show it actually prevents weight regain – something that used to be unheard of. This alone makes EPA worth its weight it gold! On top of this, it’s safe and free from side effects!


Burns Fat and Calories Faster,
So the Extra Weight Comes Off with Ease!
It has up to 100 times more antioxidant power than vitamins C and E. It contains some of the most intense fat and calorie burning power in nature. And it revs up your metabolism in amazing ways.
I’m talking about Cocoa. I’m referring to a potent concentrated extract that magnifies the phenomenal health-boosting, fat burning power in cocoa.

You see, cocoa contains naturally high concentrations of active compounds called catechins, as well as caffeine.
The key is this combination which creates a synergistic effect that helps your body burn off fat and calories at a much higher rate, so the weights comes off faster and easier!
There’s a Heap of Evidence to Prove it…

Causes carbohydrates to be released slowly in your body, preventing spikes in your blood sugar levels and dips in energy.
In one landmark study, researchers found that participants taking cocoa extract with EGCG and caffeine (compared to those taking only caffeine or those taking a placebo) experienced a significant increase in metabolism and burned off more calories – and this is without making any other changes in diet or exercise!

In another double-blind, randomized, controlled study, participants were divided into two groups: a cocoa extract group vs. a control group. At the end of the 12 week study, the cocoa extract group had “significantly lower” body weight, body fat mass, waist circumference, and other indicators of “fattiness.“ Here again, researchers concluded that green tea reduced body fat, including the abdominal area.

There’s no doubt in my mind that a potent standardized cocoa extract is one of the best weapons in your weight loss arsenal.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. How fast does Epa/Dha and Resist X work?
A. Many people feel the effects of these two products right away with increased energy and stamina, and better control over appetite. But you need to give it six weeks to start to see its dramatic slimming effects.
Q. Will it make me jittery?
A. No. The small amount of caffeine found naturally in the cocoa extract does not make you feel wired or edgy. You will likely feel more energy, but more of a steady, long lasting kind. This occurs not only because of the energizing effect of the cocoa, but because the chromium in Resist X helps balance blood sugar, releasing it slowly during the day.
Q. Is Epa/Dha and Resist X safe?
A. Yes! Not only are these two products safe and natural, they are actually good for you. Many people report that they love the results so much – including how it makes them feel – that they don’t want to stop taking it. And you don’t have to; just think of it as your weight control multivitamin!


The Missing Link in the Fight Against Fat…
Are you Missing it?
Chromium is a tiny, but tremendously powerful trace mineral. You MUST have it to stay healthy and slim. The problem is, experts believe up to 95% of people in our country don’t get enough of it!
Without enough chromium, trying to lose weight is like pushing a 75 kilogram boulder uphill. It’s nearly impossible to budge!

Chromium is vital to your weight because it helps your blood sugar stay nice and normal. And balanced blood sugar and healthy weight go hand in hand – you just can’t have one without the other.

If You Want to Lose Weight,
Control Your Blood Sugar Levels!

At least 15 clinical trials show that chromium promotes normal blood sugar levels. It works by dealing with the number one cause of blood sugar issues insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance is when your body resists your insulin’s attempts to carry glucose (blood sugar) into your cells where it’s used for energy. Your body reacts by producing even more glucose which then roams your body and turns into fat!
So Resist X gives you chromium to make your body more sensitive to insulin. This way the glucose gets into your cells where’s it needed.

In one groundbreaking study, chromium:
Significantly improved insulin sensitivity, far exceeding the results for the placebo group. This means sugar will get into your cells to use for energy, instead of building up as fat in your bloodstream.

Stopped creeping weight gain and fat regain. At the end of the trial, participants taking chromium weighed less and had less abdominal fat!
Also, don‘t be surprised when your energy levels go up and you feel steady energy all day long…this is just another awesome benefit of maintaining normal blood sugar levels!

3 Secret Ingredients…
Working as One Weight Loss Powerhouse!
1. EPA
3. Chromium
These can be useful on its own, but when you put these three together, you get an extraordinary synergistic effect.

The conventional approach to weight loss is a FAILURE! It does not work – statistics prove it. The rising epidemic of obesity proves it. Millions of people who diet endlessly and exercise to exhaustion, prove it. But you don’t have to fight your weight or feel embarrassed about your body anymore!

EPA/DHA and RESIST X are different. It helps you turn fat into lean muscle, revs your metabolism, and balances your blood sugar – all at the same time! You will actually watch your body start to transform. You won’t need a scale; you’ll look in the mirror and see a brand new body starting to take shape!

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Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.