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The Effects Of High Estrogen

Responsible for the female sexual characteristics, estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones that are considered blessings. 

Estrogen is the very essence of femininity, and no one complained about having their fair share of it. However, when the body’s natural levels of estrogen shoot up, it does call for concern, as the effects of high estrogen can manifest in the form of visible bodily changes. My Vital Health Solutions can sort this out!

Signs and Symptoms of High Estrogen

While estrogen has often been associated with femininity, it is the reason why women have overall better health than most men. The functions of estrogen are as follows:

  • Cholesterol Regulation: Estrogen has the ability to keep one’s lipid levels and cholesterol in check, preventing any heart blockages or problems later in life. 
  • Maintaining Bone Health: Women after menopause often face issues of brittle bones and are advised calcium supplements. It isn’t only the fact that age is catching up but also the declining levels of estrogen post-menopause. 
  • Mood Controller: You can blame those mood swings on your estrogen levels, ladies! The level of estrogen in your body is in total control of your moods, and when these levels vary, so does your overall mood. 

While estrogen is one of the great hormones, an excess of it can be bad. There are certain tell-tale signs and effects of high estrogen are:

  • Irregular period cycle in women
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

The effects of high estrogen can include weight gain, fatigue, a decreased sex drive and menstrual problems. 

While estrogen is a female hormone, males too do have their fair share of it. However, in males, the symptoms of high estrogen levels would lead to enlarged breasts, along with certain feminine characteristics and erectile dysfunction.

High Estrogen Foods that you should avoid

Certain foods are high in estrogen, which would be recommended if your hormone levels are low. However, if you are already suffering from excess hormone levels, there are certain foods to be avoided. 

High estrogen foods include tofu, flax seeds, fennel, sesame seeds, garlic, dried fruit, soybeans and hummus. These foods are not essentially bad, but you should be giving them a miss as you do not want them to add to your already elevated levels of estrogen. 

How to flush out excess estrogen: Ways to detox excess estrogen from the body 

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli at My Vital Health Solutions will not only help you with diet and controlling it, but also adopt a natural approach to detox excess estrogen. Instead of pills, medicines and more that have their own side-effects, in the long run, eliminating certain foods that have liver-burdening chemicals can help you in your fight against excess estrogen.

How to get rid of excess estrogen: The natural way 

With an entirely natural way of getting rid of the excess estrogen, naturopathy aims at giving you a feeling of well-being. Functional medicinal principles are employed to eliminate any source of discomfort you may be feeling. 

With a natural way to manage the effects of high estrogen, My Vital Health Solutions is your one-stop to help you deal with the curveballs life throws at you. 

Book your appointment today and get your much-needed detox excess estrogen that may be causing you these problems!

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