The 7 Most Common Autoimmune Diseases And When You Should Visit An Autoimmune Specialist Melbourne

The 7 Most Common Autoimmune Diseases And When You Should Visit An Autoimmune Specialist Melbourne

Natural medicine in Melbourne and autoimmunity! 

The body is programmed to fight off disease and infection with a well-thought-of strategy that safeguards the healthy body cells and strives to fend off the last of the attacker cells. 

In possibly one in a million times, this mechanism finds itself in trouble and the soldiers of the body are hoodwinked into thinking that even the healthy body cells are actual attackers. 

This condition has been termed an autoimmune disease. At My Vital Health Solutions, some of the best autoimmune specialists in Melbourne will help you get better with Melbourne natural medicine.

Here are the 7 most common autoimmune diseases and why the body decides to operate differently. 

Visit an Autoimmune Specialist in Melbourne for Sjogren Syndrome 

Do you cry? 

This may seem an inappropriate and silly question at the moment, but crying is as essential to the human body as sleep. 

You probably have those people in your life who never shed a single tear, however, Sjogren is a condition wherein they are unable to. 

The tear and saliva glands do not produce any secretions whatsoever. Paralysing several other body functions, this is a disorder that affects women in their 40s. Natural medicine in Melbourne will aim to delve into the root cause, thus probing how the condition can be managed.

Natural Medicine in Melbourne for Pernicious Anaemia

You may be familiar with the term anaemia as correlating it with ‘not enough healthy red blood cells’. 

Pernicious anaemia is slightly different, as it occurs in a situation where the intestines do not absorb enough vitamin B12. 

The vitamin in the form of a cofactor got upon its binding to a special protein, is an essential raw material in the production of red blood cells. 

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli, an autoimmune disease specialist in Melbourne trusts in dietary modifications to greatly help this type of anaemia.

Graves Disease

The thyroid tissue controls various vital processes in the human body and when under attack, it can cause the functioning of the body to go haywire. 

When the immune system cells decide to attack the thyroid tissue, there is an excess production of the hormone and this, in turn, leads to a state of hyperthyroidism – characterised by the inconspicuous bulging of the eyes. 

An autoimmune disease specialist in Melbourne needs to control and regulate the diet, salt intake, hormonal medications that you are on and exercise. 

Multiple Sclerosis

Have you begun to notice that your nerve conduction is slow? 

Well, it isn’t something that you would notice right away. However, this progressive disease soon starts sending you hints that suggest that something is amiss. 

This disease is associated with the central nervous system and immune cells attack the myelin sheath. 

A ‘naturopath near me’ will be what you look for, and My Vital Health Solutions is the answer. The condition cannot be reversed but certainly can be managed.

Myasthenia gravis and why you need an autoimmune specialist in Melbourne 

This condition is characterised by the muscles of the body moving or performing on their own accord. People who are under the influence of the disease complain about their eyelids not being able to open unless manually done with a finger, the face becoming droopy, and a whole host of other things. 


The antibodies of the body bind to the muscle receptors. These receptors are meant for the nerve communication chemicals, and thus when the antibodies bind to this region, signals between the nerve and the muscle cannot happen. 

Natural medicine in Melbourne aims to limit the triggers that cause communication to be blocked. There are various elements in one’s diet that could be triggering this. While the condition does not have a treatment or cannot be reversed, it can be managed. 

Type 1 diabetes

Yes. Diabetes in this form is an autoimmune condition. You have always associated diabetes with high glucose levels in the blood. 

The high glucose could be a resulting factor of two causes: The beta cells of the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the body not using the insulin appropriately. 

An autoimmune disease specialist in Melbourne suggests that during childhood, the immune cells attack the pancreas and damage them. The result is less or no insulin being produced. 

External insulin shots are taken by the child.

Naturopathy helps the child with their diet, exercise and any other factors that can help with controlling the condition. 

Celiac disease and digestive problems treatment with naturopathy 

When one eats gluten – a material found in barley, oats etc. an immune response is triggered and the lining of the small intestine is damaged. 

This damaged lining cannot absorb nutrients from the blood. You can resort to digestive problems treatment at My Vital Health Solutions. 

This treatment would involve a focus on understanding the triggers, what is wrong, how they can be helped, what you can do to combat this. 

Digestive problems treatment is common, as numerous people are seeking these. In the present day, our lifestyles are altered so much on a daily basis, the various stresses of life, the various pressures, the diets we have etc. 

At My Vital Health Solutions, you will experience a holistic improvement in your well-being 

We believe body and mind both need to be paid attention to and this can only be done when you pay attention to the body. 

The beauty of naturopathy is that there is no magic cure or overnight solution. However, naturopathy puts a focus on getting to the root cause and finding out what is wrong. Nothing is based on assumption. 

Are you having health problems that you believe do not have solutions to? 

Head on to My Vital Health Solutions, where everything can be managed with the right approach. Our team of naturopaths are experienced and professional and will put you on the right track. 

Live a better life. Live well. 

Choose to let your body recover. 

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Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.