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The 7 Important Characteristics That You Should Be Aware Of When It Comes To A Weight Loss Program In Melbourne

Did you know that detox and weight loss go hand in hand?

What is your weight loss plan?

Are you trying to diet?

Are you concerned about the weight you are putting on? 

These are some common questions you may have been asked if you have ever been a little overweight and we understand how frustrating it can get. 

So here is a plan. 

By asking the right questions, we will guide you with realistic advice if you are looking to get in shape and fit! 

How do you describe the best natural weight loss therapy?

The best therapy for weight loss is not one that will force you to give up everything good in life and live as a recluse, neither is it one that will cause you to put on weight triple-fold as soon as you stop the therapy. 

At My Vital Health Solutions, things are a little different. 

Here, the best natural weight loss involves: 

  • A naturopathic treatment and approach
  • Getting to the root cause of the weight loss
  • Coupling detox and weight loss
  • Therapy that is holistic and focused on the body and mind
  • Getting rid of the toxins that your body is exposed to
  • Regulating hormonal levels

Why approach a naturopath in Melbourne for weight loss therapy?

If you have gone through the above list carefully, you will have observed that all of these can be managed by a simple alteration of diet and lifestyle. 

That is just what we do at our weight loss health clinic in Melbourne.

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is an expert when it comes to understanding how the body responds to different patterns of lifestyle. 

Naturopathy is all about going back to your roots and letting your body heal in ways you never thought possible. 

Let’s break down a good weight loss program in Melbourne for you and get you an insight into what you should be looking for. 

The principle of detox and weight loss

The two are coupled together during the weight loss program at Melbourne’s My Vital health Solutions.  

Here is why:

  • During detox, the body is put on a strict pattern of healthy meals. 
  • Any foods or lifestyle patterns that could be exposing the body to any sort of toxins are eliminated. 
  • During weight loss, a person will be encouraged to undergo fat burning. 
  • During this process, toxins and fat are eliminated. 
  • Detox and weight loss not only allows the weight to come off, but you will feel amazing as well. 

The basic principle of the weight loss health retreat in Melbourne is to limit the intake of carbs and increase energy expenditure. 

Our naturopath in Melbourne will help you to make the right choices when dealing with foods.

Nutritious choices are key to weight loss. 

Every food component, whether fats, carbs, proteins, minerals and vitamins if taken in the right amount, will benefit your body. 

The body cannot operate if any of these is missing from the diet. Thus, whilst you are a client at the the weight-loss health clinic in Melbourne, you will become aware of the right portion sizes and how eating well can help you live a healthy life. 

The best natural weight loss happens through exercise

Going back to the fact that the expenditure of energy should be more than the intake of calories in order to achieve weight loss, exercise is a vital component of the weight loss strategy. 

Are you a fan of sports? 


Make it a practice to play a sport or take a run every morning or even brisk walking for that matter. The wonderful part about this is that it will not only help you in your weight loss regime but also leave you energised. 

This naturopath in Melbourne recommends realistic diet plans

You have all heard of the extreme diets, that push you to change your entire lifestyle to fit them in. But once you stop them, the weight comes back. 

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli will thus provide you with a plan of action that is firm and grounded whilst you’re at your weight loss program in Melbourne. You will be the most important voice in the room as every element of the plan will be discussed with you. 

Choose a diet that you can stick to. Not something that seems good for a day and unrealistic the next. 

Weight loss is not just to look good but also to feel good

The purpose of detox and weight loss is much greater than to fit into the stereotypes set by society. 

The ultimate goal is to help you live better. 

Being obese has been associated with a number of health conditions. 

Some of these are: 

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol

Life is amazing and we want you to live it without the restrictions that these health conditions come with. 

Dieting does not mean starving

A common notion that is associated with dieting, is that it must mean going without food for long periods of time. For the uninformed, we have our weight loss health retreat in Melbourne

Here you will become aware of many notions that are misleading and you will learn to become more informed especially in matters concerning the body. 

Binge eating is a strict no no

A common trend is to diet six days of the week and binge to a great extent on a Sunday. 

Is this good? 

No, say naturopaths. The body is not a sponge. It needs time to adjust and cannot bounce back and forth between diets and binge sessions. This is a major reason why most dieting plans do not work. 

For the best natural weight loss, give your body something constant to rely on. Do not shock it by consuming thrice the number of carbs after a week of having none. 

Going back to the earlier point, adopt a realistic approach and one that will do your body well. 

Should you be trusting us? 

My Vital Health Solutions – a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne has worked closely with numerous people who are going through various health conditions ranging from hormonal imbalances to diabetes, to mental issues to digestive problems. 

Our naturopath in Melbourne Domenic Pisanelli has approached these conditions with patience, care, concern and a zeal to understand why the body is out of balance. 

We understand your apprehensions about resorting to medical practices. But here is something you should know. 

Naturopathy has zero side effects. The therapy can only make you better.

Are you willing to let your body be in charge of your well-being? 

Let your body experience a sense of satisfaction, as it learns to unlearn toxic habits. 

Should you be experiencing a health condition or trying to lose weight with no success, the answer might lie in changing your lifestyle patterns. 

Reach out to My Vital Health Solutions today

Start now by visiting Vital Health and Natural Medicine. 

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Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.