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Patients’ Biggest Frustrations and Fears! What Are Yours?

In my experience, the BIGGEST frustrations facing patients who are feeling unwell are the lack of objective testing performed by the medical establishment and the lack of patient-centred care offered in uncovering the real reasons why symptoms are being experienced:

  • Patients are fed up with blanket diagnoses like IBS, PMS, depression & chronic fatigue
  • Patients want to know why they’re experiencing multiple symptoms simultaneously
  • Patients intuitively know there is a reason why they don’t feel well
  • Patients want to know why their treatments are not working
  • Patients are frustrated at being passed from doctor to doctor with no real progress being made
  • Patients want to know why their diet and lifestyle changes aren’t helping
  • Patients are afraid that their symptoms may worsen and lead to diseases later in life
  • Patients are annoyed that when tests are performed, they don’t receive copies & feedback
  • Patients want to run appropriate testing, and they don’t mind paying for it
  • Patients want to be guided by a practitioner who has both humanity and expertise, who can offer time, empathy and a helping hand, and they don’t mind paying for it

These frustrations are not going to go away in a hurry, which means Vital Health and Natural medicine has an incredible opportunity to help these frustrated people.

The Biggest Benefits of Functional Lab Testing


Functional Lab tests included in the VITAL HEALTH AND NATURAL MEDICINE Testing Toolkit  includes Organic Acids Testing, and SMART DNA testing which can determine the balance of good metabolic function vs bad metabolic function in my clients’ bodies.

Time tested and clinically proven supplement protocols included in the consultations give me the opportunity to help my clients remove the bad metabolic function and replace it with the good metabolic function.


As Vital Health help people improve this metabolic function, they will ascend the Vitality Scaleovercome symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health (Digestion, Sex and Reproduction, Energy, Aches and Pains, Mood, Sleep, Hair, Skin, and Nails)   and completely rejuvenate their wellbeing.

  • Functional lab tests can mostly be done in the comfort of your home
  • No clinic visits and blood draws are needed in most cases
  • This alleviates the problem of needle/injection stress
  • The client simply mails his or her samples to the lab for analysis.
  • Samples include saliva, urine, stool, hair and finger prick blood spot
  • Results are returned rapidly – usually within 10 or so working days
  • Clients/patients receive test result copies for their reference and medical files
  • The test results are relatively easy to interpret and understand (in most cases)
  • The tests check imbalances that are rarely, if ever, considered in western medicine
  • The tests expand on certain medical tests, offering more of an in depth picture of what is going on in your patient/client’s body
  • Relevant tests nearly always uncover the reasons why you have symptoms
  • The tests don’t diagnose diseases – they merely highlight imbalances –
  • The tests cut out guesswork
  • They enable VITAL HEALTH to provide laser-focused programmes for clients and patients
  • The tests can save enormous amounts of time for your client
  • Ultimately, the tests can save your clients and patients hundreds or even thousands by removing guesswork and wasted money on ad hoc treatment protocols
  • The tests can uncover risk factors for future disease, enabling you to help your clients mitigate them
  • Most of all, the test results help reduce peoples’ anxiety and provide peace of mind that they finally understand why they’re not feeling well, and that they can do something about it

I’m sure you will agree that these are phenomenal and profound benefits in today’s healthcare environment. So what gets you frustrated? Leave comments or call 9382 9790 to see how I can help you>


Yours in Health


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Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.