Naturopathy – a lifestyle choice

Often patients come to see a naturopath seeking an instant cure. But what a naturopath may recommend is not medicine but a change in lifestyle. It may not be what the patient wants to hear, but a naturopath has taken an oath of “Do no harm”. This means to prescribe what is best (long-term) for the patient, not just what fixes the problem immediately

Some case studies: common ailments which people see a naturopath for include

  •         Allergies
  •         Long term flu which cannot be shaken
  •         Low immune system
  •         Fatigue
  •         Hormonal Imbalance

Naturopath over Traditional Doctor

A traditional doctor may prescribe antibiotics proving a quick fix. A naturopath knows the long-term damaging effect to the body’s cells, so will seek to find out the root cause before prescribing a treatment.

If the issue is diet, lack of exercise, workplace or the environment – then the cure will be a life-style change. It may be minor like removing something from the diet, medium like more exercise, or major like changing work or moving home to another location. It really depends on the patient and how severe the condition is.

A naturopath is not just your Doctor – but also your teacher. An important part of treatment is education about what is causing your issue. If you have an allergy due to airborne particles found in offices, your naturopath will explain what/why/where and how to overcome it. Sometimes, certain herbs can treat an allergy, sometimes the particles which trigger it must be avoided all together; which involves lifestyle changes.

So it’s essential when you visit a naturopath you have an open mind. They are bound by strict principles to provide truthful information about sustainable long-term healing. Just popping a pill is the easy way out that only provides short-term results that is not what holistic healing is about.

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