Naturopaths: Who They Are and What Do They Do?

Naturopaths: Who They Are and What Do They Do?

All of us are striving for one thing when it comes to our health: for our bodies and our well-being to be in the best position possible. Because we all deserve to be getting the most out of our lives!

Being held back by pain, low energy, or a range of health conditions limits our quality of life. So, there are many approaches we take to optimise our health. For plenty of people, natural remedies and therapies are the less popular treatment option – but they may have more to offer than you realise.

Naturopathy explores the idea that great health is right at our fingertips. Our bodies are capable of incredible self-healing and nature has a rich amount of treatment to offer. Nobody is denying the fundamental importance of traditional medicine, but introducing naturopathy as well offers a more balanced and cohesive approach to greater well-being.

This blog explains key information regarding what naturopathy is and what it has to offer. For personalised health advice, contact our team at Vital Health & Natural Medicine today.

What is a Naturopath?

A naturopath is somebody trained in and practicing naturopathy – a system of alternative medicine that seeks treatment outside of pharmaceutical drugs. Extensive study is required to become a naturopath (a minimum four-year degree), and this training will include key health sciences along with nutritional and herbal medicines.

The key thing to understand about a naturopath is that they work ‘holistically’. This means that their treatment seeks to address all areas of health and living at once, seeking to find natural ways to treat conditions by aligning all aspects of health. They will look at a patient as a whole person, addressing their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state. They will often work with natural medicines, as well as provide patients with tailored health and lifestyle plans.

What Does a Naturopath Do?

When you visit a naturopath for the first time, you might not know what you should expect from the experience. It certainly isn’t as daunting or unfamiliar as you might think! Meeting with a naturopath will involve a full discussion and assessment of your current state. A naturopath will seek to learn about your medical history, your health goals, and your current areas of concern. They will aim to get a comprehensive view of your lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, and exercise.

There is a range of treatment methods that a naturopath may use to help ease discomfort and reach health goals. They may suggest massage, meditation, herbal medicine, acupuncture, physical therapy, and a variety of other natural treatment options. Naturopathy looks different for everyone because it is tailored entirely to you – your needs, your preferences, and your symptoms.

What Can Naturopathy Treat?

In some ways, naturopathy is a very broad practice. Some naturopaths, however, will specialise in different areas of health, due to the practice’s adaptable nature. Naturopathy can be used to help treat many different sorts of health conditions, for all ages. This includes children’s health, men’s health, and women’s health. Here are some of the common health conditions that naturopathy services may be able to assist with:

  • Menopause
  • Fertility
  • Sleep disorders
  • Allergies
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Indigestion
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Chronic pain

Benefits of Naturopathy

One of the clearest benefits of naturopathy is its natural and holistic approach to healthcare. For many people, being able to find non-invasive therapies that don’t rely on drug prescription is a top priority for their health – and this is precisely what a naturopath can offer. This practice uncovers the body’s ability to heal itself, examining the ‘bigger picture’ of lifestyle as well as physical symptoms to address the underlying cause of concern.

On top of this, naturopathy is a wonderful option for those looking for natural treatments that can work alongside traditional western medicines. There are naturopathy practitioners readily available who offer treatment in harmony with pharmacists and GPs, uniting non-invasive therapies with western medicine. This individualised treatment plan will ensure you are getting the most comprehensive and personalised approach to healthcare possible!

Visit a Naturopath Today for Holistic Wellness

If you’re interested in the science of naturopathy, there’s no reason not to check it out for yourself. Chances are, there are plenty of benefits and lifestyle improvements you could be enjoying for yourself – all it takes is a consultation with a naturopathy practitioner, and your quality of living could improve exponentially!

Here at Vital Health & Natural Medicine, we take pride in offering holistic and individualised support for each and every one of our patients. Reach out today to meet with a naturopath and discuss your health concerns and goals.