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Looking For An Effective Weight Loss Program In Melbourne?

You can spend your life figuring out the science behind weight loss, and you’ll only be able to touch upon the surface of this vast subject matter. Over the years, many have gone into the intricacies of weight loss and the effects it has on the body and mind. Have you ever wondered why a certain some could binge eat their favourite menu at one go and never end up showing flab, but then others’ weight reflects that chocolate bar they’ve had overnight?

You’d have no difficulty finding recommendations of surgery, pills, medicines and health plans in Melbourne, in your journey of weight loss. These, however effective, come with their own set of complications and if you’re looking for something lasting, natural is the way to go! For the best natural weight loss program in Melbourne, My Vital Health Solutions comes with a strategised plan of action to get you in shape and feeling like you can conquer the world. Before we let our secrets out of the bag, let’s give you a gist of the science behind weight loss and why… just why is that weight so tough to lose.

The factors behind weight loss: how genes play a greater role than the extra pizza

The needle on the scale refuses to budge for some, no matter how many extra hours of the gym they put in, or how much they sweat on the morning walk. While some may say destiny is at play, there are bigger controllers of the game. The best natural weight loss in Melbourne aims to address the factors below. 

Genes: Your genetic information is decided by prenatal factors, which are essentially the ones at the time of conception. Hereditary information is encoded in the very core of your cells and unless you have your genetic code remapped, there’s nothing you can do to change it. While genes cannot be modified and are inherently something you are born with, there are other factors that (to your relief) you can modify. 

Age: Many health experts agree that as one ages, it becomes more difficult to maintain weight. As body fat progressively increases with age, one may find themselves struggling to get leaner or get into shape. 

Physical activity: While genetic factors are hard to control, physical activity such as exercise and food availability can be controlled. A positive energy balance should be the aim, with energy balance being in level with the macronutrient balance, such as the number of carbs and protein intake. Essentially this would mean that a high fat intake coupled with declining physical activity is BAD! Natural weight programs are the best, as they bring about a change in these factors without altering any other aspects of the body. A weight loss retreat in Melbourne and you’d be a master at it!

Natural weight loss program, a fool-proof method?

In order to understand the effectiveness of a natural weight loss program, it is impertinent to understand what is the core of this. Metabolism is the magic word which controls your body fat, the rate at which you burn this fat, and why sometimes, you find it so tough to lose it. As your body muscles are burning up the excess calories and fat, it is safe to say that the more muscular you are, the more fat gets burnt. The body is constantly burning calories in order to provide the energy you need to survive or merely exist! Thus, even without frequent trips to the gym, you’d still be burning calories. 

At My Vital Health Solutions, Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli not only provides you with a comprehensive approach to lose weight but also helps you identify the root cause of what is making it such an ordeal for you. With one of the best weight loss retreats in Melbourne, we are committed to bettering not just your body, but also your mind, as that is where everything begins. 

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors seldom had reasons to visit the physician, or why ‘stress’ was a word they weren’t familiar with? The answer could be that their solutions to illnesses or problems had more to deal with curing the root cause, than seeking a quick remedial medication. Naturopathy is a branch of science that aims to do just this with its weight loss program Melbourne. When the cause rather than the side-effect of a problem is addressed, the problem is eliminated for good! 

Addressing the cause of weight loss: the philosophy of Naturopathy

The philosophy of naturopathy is unique in itself and is thus employed by My Vital Health Solutions for weight loss. We provide you with a weight loss retreat in Melbourne to set you on the right track. Need some fundamentals to point you in the right direction? Have a look at these:

  1. Naturopathy isn’t a substitute for modern medicine nor does it provide a ‘cure’ for ailments or issues. However, the best weight loss can be achieved through it, as it works as an additional therapy with whatever else you’re undergoing.
  2. With the aim of doing no harm and using the healing power of nature for treating a person’s ailments, Naturopathy provides you with a feeling of wellness. 
  3. If you’re on the path to weight loss, Naturopathy views your body’s defense mechanisms as trying to get you back into a state of health and well being. 
  4. While weight loss might be worrying you, it may be the side effect of something deeper, for example, diet, stress or low self-esteem and that is why counseling is one of the aspects of Naturopathy. 
  5. While Naturopathy is still an emerging branch of treatment, one of the best natural weight loss programs in Melbourne is here to give you all the guidance you may need. 

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli makes weight loss in Melbourne easier than ever with a comprehensive strategy. 

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Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.