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Keep Your Emotions In Check This Christmas! Visit Our Naturopathy Clinic Melbourne

Have you wondered why the holidays put you in a good mood? The air suddenly smells sweeter, even those Mondays can be managed, and it takes nothing to make you smile. 

You may attribute this sudden cheerfulness to your mood.

Yes, that is right. While mood would be the philosophical way of describing your holiday spirit, the scientific one would be your emotions. Emotions in the body are controlled by hormones which regulate everything right from making you cringe at something or wanting to hurl someone out the door. 

An imbalance in these hormones can lead to you needing an adrenal dysfunction treatment. While the term seems complex, My Vital Health Solutions can help.


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What are hormones and why are they important?

There are a range of hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. Based on the functions they perform they can be divided as:

Metabolic response hormones: These control the breakdown of foods and the subsequent release of energy. You’ve often heard of people suffering from metabolic conditions where a buildup of carbs or proteins causes a range of diseases. Hormones that regulate the salt-water balance of the body also form a part of this. 

Stress hormones: The adrenal glands present in the body secrete from within, a host of chemicals called hormones that control your reaction to any and every situation. Let’s take for example when you were little and you’d go to see Santa handing out presents. 

The nervousness that you felt or in the case of some kids, the enthusiasm were both caused by the hormones released by the adrenal glands. While the reactions are contrasting, it is because every person’s body has a different kind of response to a particular situation. 

Thus when put into a situation, how you perceive it is then sent to the brain and your brain will then send signals to the adrenal glands to tell it how it should respond aka what it should secrete. Your body is trained to spring into action at the slightest life-threatening experience. 

Sex hormones: These adrenal hormones control sexual urges, by way of secreting the male and female sex hormones. They also help in reproductive health.

Adrenal dysfunction occurs when stress hormones are imbalanced. Can you imagine what would happen if you were confronted by a lion and your body did not send signals to your legs to get away from the spot! 


Saliva testing for adrenal hormones

Hormones are of various types and are essentially made up of proteins. While some of these proteins move freely through the body, there are some hormones that are bound to other proteins. 

During saliva testing for adrenal hormones, the free hormones are measured and based on their levels, a proper diet and lifestyle pattern can be prescribed according to naturopathy.


What is the female hormone saliva test?

The female hormone panel saliva test is a non-invasive one which indicates the imbalance in hormones just by analysing the saliva. The difference between blood testing and testing saliva is that in the saliva test only the levels of hormones that are delivered to receptors in the body such as the mouth, the skin etc can be tested. 

While both men and women can undergo the saliva hormone test, the female hormone panel saliva test is specific to study the hormonal changes in a woman’s lifespan. 


The specifics of the female hormone panel saliva test

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli with his understanding of how the body functions will put you on the right path in case of hormonal imbalance. Naturopathy as a science, is non-invasive and aims to do more good than harm.

Here’s what you need to know about the female hormone panel saliva test:

Why is it done: During a woman’s lifetime, there are spikes and slumps in the hormone levels during menopause, pregnancy etc. The female hormone panel saliva test aims to test the level of these to find any imbalance in them. 

Which hormones levels are tested: Estrogen, estradiol, estriol, testosterone are measured during the test. 

What do the results indicate: During pregnancy, estrogen is present in abundance. However, during saliva testing for adrenal hormones, if estrogen levels are found to be low, external dietary supplements can be given. This is how the test results are used. 

Are you feeling lethargic? Have you been experiencing sweating or any unexplained sexual changes? Contact us today and get your adrenal dysfunction treatment soon!

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Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 20 years of clinical experience.