IMMUNE RESILIENCE: Naturopathy Is The Way Forward To Maintaining A Healthy Mind And Body

IMMUNE RESILIENCE: Naturopathy Is The Way Forward To Maintaining A Healthy Mind And Body

Ensure your health is not compromised during these challenging times

If you take a minute to search the web, there are all kinds of advice and health hacks waiting to greet you. Which one should you listen to? 

In contrastingly these ideas seem to proclaim that they are the only solution to your condition. Naturopathy asks you to be informed and choose what is right for you.

My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne and the aim is to address health conditions the right way. This goes to say that while resorting to other forms of treatment, naturopathy can be undertaken too, in order to benefit from the therapy that you are undergoing. 

As the name suggests, naturopathy believes in scientific principles that are designed on the basis of natural means. In contrast to focusing on external factors as therapeutic help, attention is paid to diet, lifestyle, food and exercise – factors that are impacting the body directly. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is created by a virus that affects predominantly the lungs. While science is researching the mechanism and how it can be stopped, what you can resort to at this time is ensuring that your body is functioning well. 

A healthy body does not give in to the virus as easily and these are certain ways to ensure your body is fit: 

  • Moderate physical aerobic activity every day is a must
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises and squats are recommended
  • At least 7 hours of sleep is needed for your brain to rest
  • Vitamins C, D, A, E are essential for a good immune system as some of these act as antioxidants and keeps the immune system capable of fighting pathogens 
  • Fruits and vegetables for nutritious snacking

When the immune system of the body is fortified with these strategies, it becomes more resistant to the action of viruses and bacteria that are capable of causing sickness. 

My Vital Health Solutions offers naturopathy in the way of

  • Saliva testing for adrenal hormones
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Chronic fatigue treatment in Melbourne 
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Organic acid test interpretation
  • Diabetes
  • Natural treatment for metabolic syndrome 

Here is what you can expect from each of these treatments. Remember, until the body as a whole is healthy, the disease cannot be fought off or avoided. 

Saliva Testing for Adrenal Hormones is simple and effective! 

You are well aware of the havoc that a hormone imbalance can cause. With the virus being prevalent, and your mental health being sensitive at the moment, the last thing that you would want is for your hormones to be in distress. 

The adrenal glands are responsible for producing the stress hormones and maybe in over drive these days with the stressors all around. 

Adrenal fatigue is when the glands stop responding after a point in time as they have been triggered too frequently. 

Take cognisance of your hormones and go in for the saliva testing for adrenal hormones which enables you to get a clear understanding of the body’s mechanism by a simple saliva test. 

The way an organic acid test is interpreted can change therapy 

When proteins are broken down, the by-products are organic acids. These are thus sufficient as markers when determining the metabolic processes and their efficiency. 

An organic acid test is a non-invasive one that naturopathy believes can offer an insight into the metabolism of the body and come to a consensus where the root problem lies. 

The organic acid test interpretation is done by naturopath Domenic Pisanelli and has helped many understand the core of their metabolic distress. 

The pandemic has tired you out. You need to de-stress

In spite of not having much physical activity or being on the go, people complain of being tired all the time. This complaint has been heightened with the advent of the pandemic. The mental stress of when this will all be over, losing loved ones, and not knowing the unpredictability of the situation has taken a toll on people. 

If you are a victim of this chronic fatigue, it is time you sought help. 

The signs you need chronic fatigue treatment in Melbourne are: 

  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • Inability to exercise
  • Malaise
  • Anxiety
  • Sensitivity to pain 

Let the experts manage metabolic problems 

As said at the beginning of this article, your immunity needs to be top-notch for your body to be equipped to fighting off infection. 

Metabolism plays a role in increasing immunity and helping your body sustain itself in times of adversity. 

Metabolic syndromes are conditions that predispose a person to other diseases. These people experience insulin resistance, wherein the blood glucose levels rise and the person is susceptible to contracting other infections or developing conditions such as diabetes. 

COVID-19 is a virus that causes more destruction should there be a co-morbidity that is present. 

Hence, metabolism needs to be taken care of in order to prevent these conditions. 

The naturopaths emphasise that there is no magic cure or overnight solution to health and wellness and that it is only through addressing lifestyle, diet and proper nutritious choices that one can achieve fitness and health. 

Natural treatment for metabolic syndrome is at hand. 

Importance of naturopathy now more than ever

It is tough to stay afloat in this sea of uncertainty that surrounds us. Loss, ill-health and news of people succumbing to the virus. It is important to care for your body and mind while the world struggles to deal with an invisible enemy at hand. 

Natural solutions have never proven a failure. With zero side effects and numerous benefits, naturopathy is making a plea to you. Listen to your body. Exercise. Eat right. Meditate. 

You cannot control the virus. But you can strengthen your body to fight it off with proactive immune responses. 

Our team of naturopaths will assist you in making the right choice. But first, it is you who has to take the first step. 
Contact the naturopath today.

Picture of Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.