How Can A Naturopath Help With Pregnancy?

How Can A Naturopath Help With Pregnancy?

Pregnancy and labour can be managed well through naturopathic intervention

A time of life that is so beautiful and yet filled with surprises. Pregnancy is a joy and yet comes with many challenges that expectant mothers have to deal with. In this phase, it is vital to pay attention to the body and listen to it. It is constantly sending out signs as to what the changes are and what it needs. All that is required is to pay attention to it and naturopathy does this well. 

Taking a check of your lifestyle

During the expecting period, mothers-to-be need to have a good supply of vitamins and minerals that are providing them with the necessary nourishment. For foetal growth, there are growth factors and proteins that assist the development of the child and help with the formation of appendages, hair, skin, organs and the rest. The process of making these factors and growth modulators requires enzymes and co-factors that facilitate the action. 

These are made up of the proteins, vitamins, minerals in the diet. The naturopaths will ensure that your diet has everything you need for the optimal growth and development of the baby. 

Dealing with pregnancy symptoms 

During the first trimester, nausea, leg pain, and cramps can be tough to deal with. Pills cannot be taken throughout the phase and what is needed is guided exercise, yoga, massages, and therapy that will make this stage easier. 

Naturopathic intervention helps you cope with the changes you are facing physically as well as emotionally in a healthy manner. 

Natural is the best way

Throughout life but moreover, through the pregnancy journey, it is so vital to pay attention to the products we use as part of daily life. Especially when it comes to cosmetics as these creams, and solutions have additives that mimic female hormones and thus can change the way the body’s hormone balance is. The naturopath will guide you with what products are safe to use, and even advise you on the safety of a particular product if you are uncertain about it. 

How beneficial is it to seek naturopathic help while expecting? 

Mothers-to-be are often confused as to what is safe and what will have side effects. It is but natural to feel this dilemma and without the proper guidance to go in for something that may not have the best effect on the body. Keeping the physique, diet and lifestyle as natural as possible when it comes to expectancy is the best. Even in the attempt to do so, exercise and diet need to be monitored so as to not go overboard in the attempt to stay fit. 

Domenic Pisanelli of My VItal Health Solutions is a leading naturopath who has invested years of study into what is good for the body and whether going the natural way actually has an impact. 

He is here now to guide you on the step to motherhood, help you with any questions you may have or even step in when some changes need to be made. It is safe to go forward with functional medicine even while you are consulting your regular gynecologist. 

Let this pregnancy period be the most fruitful time! 

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Domenic Pisanelli

Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.