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Health destroyers – Homogenised Milk

Today I would like to discuss another health destroyer – homogenised cow’s milk.

Most, unfortunately think it’s good for you and your family.

According to statistics, the leading cause of death in Australia is heart disease, followed by cancer and then diabetes. Research has shown that hardening of the arteries (which leads to more deaths annually than cancer) can be attributed to homogenised milk. Of course there are other causes, but today’s discussion will be how this deadly mechanism affects our arteries.

For more than 20 years Kurt A. Oster, MD, Chief of Cardiology Emeritus at Park City Hospital, Bridgeport, Connecticut, has gathered evidence that provides a conclusive biochemical explanation for atherosclerosis (a form of arteriosclerosis, plaque clogging arteries).

The culprit turns out to be the process of homogenisation, introduced to the dairy industry in 1932 as a means of improving marketing for products.

Homogenisation merely prevents the cream from separating from the milk. This is primarily cosmetic. It does nothing to enhance the quality of the milk. But according to Dr Oster’s findings, it does a great deal to improve marketability – at the expense of human life.

Fragmented homogenisation causes the fat globules in whole milk to be split into tiny, tight molecules that will not regroup. Not only do these intense molecules of fat refuse to regroup, they also resist digestion and manage to enter the bloodstream unaltered – which is one reason why so many people are allergic to milk.

“Milk fat contains a substance called xanthine oxidase (XO). When milk is not homogenised both the fat and the XO are digested in the stomach and small intestine into smaller molecules, which are either used or excreted from the body. Homogenisation allows some of the XO to pass into the bloodstream intact,” Oster reported.

“XO is found in the liver of many animals and humans, where it has a specific function: that of breaking purine compounds down into uric acid, a waste product. When foreign XO, such as that from cow’s milk, enters the bloodstream it creates havoc by attacking specific targets within the artery walls.”

The “specific target” within the arteries is called plasmalogen, a tissue making up 30 percent of human heart muscle and artery wall cells. Plasmalogen’s presence is vital for the integrity of the outer cell membrane analogous to the way mortar holds bricks together in a wall.


Oster’s research indicates that the direct attacks by foreign XO causes lesions within artery walls and the body’s marvelous protective mechanisms respond to the damage by scarring and laying down calcified plaques.

“The simple thickening and hardening of the arteries is known as arteriosclerosis, whereas atherosclerosis is characterised by the additional accumulation of cholesterol and fatty deposits laid down adjacent to scars and plaques,” Oster said.

“Gradually, the artery wall thickens, obstructing the flow of blood. Arteries lose their elasticity in the latter stages of the disease as additional calcium is deposited.”

“Calcification of the arteries can contribute to high blood pressure, which is actually not a disease in itself. High blood pressure is merely a symptom.”

Oster and Ross reported that the assault of XO on the artery walls has been further documented by autopsies performed on patients who died from heart and circulatory disease.

“It has been found that plasmalogen was completely missing in artery wall lesions and plaques, and the mystery was solved when researchers found XO in the plaques. The two substances cannot co-exist,” Oster said.

That’s why milk that has been homogenised is not a welcome guest in our home and never will be. From an Ancient Medicine perspective pure organic milk is vital and can rebuild health if used correctly. Unfortunately, today pure milk can’t be bought. Always look for milk that is organic and has been pasteurised ONLY.

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Domenic Pisanelli is a qualified Naturopath and has helped hundreds of people regain their health back as an experienced naturopath with over 18 years of clinical experience.