Experiencing Chronic Fatigue Symptoms?

Experiencing Chronic Fatigue Symptoms?

Consulting a naturopath in Melbourne who specialises in Chronic Fatigue can ensure well-being! 

When’s the last time you felt tired? Maybe you are tired of being tired?

Was it yesterday or today or even right now? 

Any form of tiredness cannot immediately indicate a chronic fatigue syndrome. It is only when the tiredness persists and the body feels too exhausted to even perform basic daily tasks, is when you should be alarmed and visit a naturopath for chronic fatigue.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

While in layman terms, it means being weary to the bone, chronic fatigue goes by different names. Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID) is how chronic fatigue is classified. 

There is a distinction between simply feeling tired and feeling so fatigued that you cannot even manage to take a walk or study. Patients with this condition do not feel rejuvenated even after a good night’s rest. They are tired all the time. 

As for what causes chronic fatigue, there is no one factor that causes the exhaustion, but a host of conditions. 

While the exact cause of CFS is unknown, a viral infection may be responsible. Preliminary research suggests herpes infection, for example, may trigger CFS.

Other risk factors include extreme stress or anxiety, flu-like illness that does not completely go away, poor eating habits, and psychological conditions, such as obsessive compulsive disorder, neuroticism, and perfectionism. Depression can make the condition worse and make it last longer.

So, how does it begin to feel when you have chronic fatigue syndrome?

As you may have guessed, the exhaustion is predominant. 

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

While tiredness and fatigue do become part of daily life in this condition, the degree of exhaustion varies from person to person. 

For someone athletic whose stamina is good, the exhaustion degree may be completely different than someone else whose physical activity is low or negligible. 

If you are here, looking for something that will help you understand if you have chronic fatigue syndrome, pay attention to the following:

  • Noticeable fatigue that you feel that goes on for at least 6 months 
  • Insomnia – even though you feel tired, sleep is elusive 
  • Not being able to perform daily tasks with vigour 
  • Not being able to concentrate
  • PEM or post-exertional malaise which is tiredness after performing exercise
  •  A condition of being dizzy when you stand up, also known as orthostatic intolerance
  • Feeling sleepy or lazy even after having rested 
  • Muscle aches that do not go away
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the areas of the armpit and the neck 

The key to feeling refreshed once again is first being able to identify if the condition that you have is really chronic fatigue syndrome or something else. Since the symptoms are ambiguous, it is often easy to confuse the condition with others. 

Do not confuse chronic fatigue syndrome with these conditions!

When you visit a naturopath for chronic fatigue, often a battery of tests are ordered in order to determine what exactly is the underlying condition and what is the root cause of it. 

This is the most crucial step in naturopathic diagnosis and possibly the reason why it takes time. The most important test to undertake is an Organic Acids Test

At My Vital Health Solutions – a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne, naturopath Domenic Pisanelli takes time to understand each patient’s history and point to the possible cause using scientific methods coupled with modern principles. 

There is no overnight solution, as health is not simply a treatment of the side-effects but rather an addressal of the root. 

Owing to the fact that in chronic fatigue syndrome, the most common symptom is tiredness, it is easy to mistake it for any of the below conditions. 

  • Lyme disease – the disease is transmitted through ticks and results in fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and joint pain
  • A major depressive disorder characterised by extreme feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • An autoimmune condition known as systemic lupus erythematosus, which is also characterised by fatigue, and a very typical butterfly rash on the face
  • Fibromyalgia – having spaced regions of pain all over the body or trigger points where the tenderness is prominent

Can chronic fatigue syndrome be treated?

While there is no one form of treatment when it comes to chronic fatigue syndrome, there definitely are ways of managing the condition. Especially when it comes to naturopathy. 

The form of science has always been a believer in the body being able to adapt according to a particular situation and lifestyle changes supporting recovery. 

So also in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome, simple lifestyle management can prove to be effective. 

Here is what naturopathy can help with:

  • Pacing can help if you are experiencing exhaustion after exercise also known as PEM (post-exertional malaise). This involves having brief periods of activity and rest so as to not put the body through undue stress
  • Drink lots and lots of water to remain hydrated. This works not just for chronic fatigue syndrome but many other conditions as well
  • Meditation to calm the mind and get good sleep
  • Do not over excess on sugary foods. Naturally sweet foods will work as well to provide you with the energy boost
  • Reduce intakes of tea and coffee or any caffeinated beverages as these will worsen the insomnia
  • Your naturopath will help you understand what triggers the fatigue and then work on a plan of combating it

Why is naturopathy a good modality for your fatigue therapy?

Fatigue is something that is inherent to the body. The body, like a machine, has brief spells where it gets tired out and needs to rest. Taking excessive medication can result in the body’s natural drive being thrown off gear. 

Thus, naturopathy fills in the gaps, acting as a therapy that can either facilitate primary treatment or be the sole therapy. The aim of naturopathy is to let the body help itself, to remove triggers that are causing the fatigue and to let the mechanisms of rejuvenation be induced. 

Feeling fatigued can be daunting, especially when the world is so fast-paced. But, with the right naturopaths by your side, the feat can be accomplished. 

Here’s to feeling refreshed! 

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