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Everything You Need To Know About Allergy And Intolerance Testing In Melbourne And What It Entails.

Allergy testing in Melbourne is used when you are experiencing symptoms such as unexplained rashes, respiratory conditions such as hay fever and asthma, food reactions, to name a few.

Allergies are synonymous with foods. But did you know that there is a certain section of people who also develop an adverse reaction to environmental phenomena? In cases where an allergy test is required, there are several of these that are prevalent. Allergy skin tests are starting to be increasingly popular owing to the speed with which one can know what exactly is the allergen and start to stay away from it. Let’s take you through the course of allergies, what naturopaths in Melbourne have to say about it, and the tests that can help detect what one is allergic to. 

What is an allergy?

Simply put, an allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to a substance that the body’s immune system recognises as foreign. You may counter this by saying that a whole host of substances we come in contact with every day are foreign, and many of these should evoke an allergic reaction. 

But this is not the case. The body usually tends to distinguish between what is mildly upsetting and what is not. In the case of a person being allergic to a substance, on exposure to it, the body reacts in an exaggerated manner. 

What are the different kinds of allergies?

There are several different kinds of allergies characterised by what is the allergen that is upsetting the body. 

The different kinds of allergies are: 

Drug allergies

These are when a certain composition in the drug affects a person and initiates an allergic response. Though drug allergies are prevalent in a small section of the population, what the majority of people suffer from is usually the side effects of the drug, as is mentioned on the bottle. 

Insect allergy

You may have experienced this too. The bite of a mosquito or the sting of a bee can cause the area of the body to turn red and erupt into a rash that itches. This is common. However, when the stinging or biting causes anaphylaxis, it is a matter of concern. 

Mold allergy 

Mould contains spores and some people cannot tolerate these in close proximity. They start sneezing as soon as they are exposed to it. 

Pet allergy

You may often have heard people say they cannot be around dogs or cats or hamsters. The reason may be because there are certain proteins in the pet’s urine or in their dead skin cells that are all around the home. These proteins act as allergens and trigger an immune response, thus making someone sneeze, cough, get a rash, etc. 

Food allergy 

Possibly the most common kind of allergy in a population, being allergic or intolerant to foods right from eggs to milk to prawns to shellfish to many other things has become common. This article discusses how naturopathy can help you identify what the allergy is, how to avoid this particular thing in the diet and the various tests that can help prove it. 

How do the naturopaths in Melbourne view allergies?

Naturopathy is a form of medicine that believes everything you need to get better is within you. You have the power to control how your body reacts and in this way, by changing habits you could ward off infections and live a healthier life. 

While many believe that allergies are something that needs to be borne and lived with and little or nothing can be done, naturopathy believes differently. 

The gut has always been a topic of concern among the medical community. Naturopaths are of the opinion that sometimes a leaky gut syndrome could be the major causal factor of an allergy. The gut has a lining that acts as a porous filter enabling the useful food materials to enter the intestine and the toxins to be filtered out. 

Over time, the lining may get damaged because of habits, foods, infections, etc. and what now happens is that the toxins pass through the gut wall causing an immune response and  symptoms. 

Hence to address an allergy is not just simply eliminating the food from the diet that is needed, but also keeping a check on gut health

How does allergy testing in Melbourne proceed?

My Vital Health Solutions – a Melbourne natural medicine clinic performs allergy testing to determine what it is that a person is allergic to and there are various tests that can be deployed for this purpose. 

The IgG food sensitivity test is done wherein a blood sample is taken from the person and tested against various foods that could be possible allergens. When the person is allergic to a specific kind of food, the blood will coagulate when in contact with the food. 

This indicates that the food has the allergen and IgG, the antibody present in the blood binds to the allergen. This causes the clumping of blood. 

The skin scratch test is another that is usually done in cases of allergies. Marks are made at equal distances on the skin of the arm. These are abrasions. Different allergens are then applied to each area. The area of the skin that shows inflammation, redness, and itch can be said to be the one that has been exposed to an allergen. 

What can you expect at the Melbourne natural medicine clinic?

Overnight solutions are not what one can expect, but rather through a detailed addressal of lifestyle choices, habits and more, one can get help at My Vital Health Solutions. 

Health is a collective result of many different actions, habits and more and this is why when the body is affected, there is a need to reflect on lifestyle choices and whether these could be a contributing factor. 

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli has always emphasised the role that a healthy diet and lifestyle plays in managing diseases, conditions and living a better life. 

Are you looking for help with your allergy condition? 

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