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Detox For A Fresh Start


 Why detox?

On a daily basis, our body is exposed to, and even produces itsown, toxins & wastes. Toxins are everywhere in our daily living, from pollution in the air we breathe to the chemicals that are formed in our bodies due to the breakdown of our food. Then there are toxins we purposely put in our bodies such as cigarette smoke, medications, excessive alcohol, sugar, animal fats & highly processed foods & the toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis from car fumes, pesticides from our foods, detergents, household sprays & soon. Fortunately, the human body has built in coping & cleaning up methods & is capable of handling a certain amount of toxicity. But sometimes its not enough. It is when we are exposed to many toxins at the same time that the body goes into serious overload. If we are exposed to toxins continuously over a long period of time, then symptoms arise that reduce our quality of life — we may feel tired & sluggish. This overload can cause minor problems such as skin rashes or major ones such as cancer.

Do you need to detox? 

If you suffer from three or more of the following symptoms, you would benefit from a detox:

• Fatigue

• Lethargy 

• Moodiness

• Irritability 

• Anxiety 

• Poor memory

• Vagueness 

• Sleeplessness 

• Stomach aches

• Skin Problems 

• Sore muscles 

• Sluggish bowel


• Blocked nose 

• Excessive mucus

• Furry tongue/bad breath

How a Detox Program helps Detoxification…

Good detox programs are not about punishing, semi starvation regimes. They are about eating a pure diet high in nutrients but free from additional toxins. At True Health Wellbeing Clinic we have many different detox programmes to suit you & your lifestyle. A well designed detox program gently helps to establish good health through supporting your body’s elimination pathways & embraces healthy eating, exercise, stress management techniques & food supplements which are supportive of a cleansing program. Detox programs work by eliminating foods & drinks that create an extra burden on our detoxification organs. Once the toxic overload is reduced, your body has the opportunity to work more efficiently & it can get on with the business of detoxification. Toxins will be dealt with & eliminated &, bit-by-bit, your body will return to good balance, with annoying symptoms abating & your energy increasing.

The Right Program for You?

There is no one detox plan that suits everyone. Your detox program should be designed to suit your needs. We constantly keep up with the latest research & use the latest testing techniques to ensure that we know what your underlying problems are & design a program to suit. You may need specific support for your stomach or intestinal digestion to help settle bloating & ensure you
are actually absorbing the nutrients you are given. Or perhaps it is your liver or lymphatics that need extra support. Either way, with our state of the art equipment, we can tailor make a detox program that is specific for you. We may also use a small urine sample to allow an accurate assessment of your digestive toxicity & to monitor your progress throughout the program. This way
you’ll actually be able to see the detox difference as well as feeling better.

How Do I Start?

Call our clinic Vital health on 9382 9790 & ask to be booked in for a Detoxification Programme Appointment. At your initial appointment, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your toxicity status & level of wellness. This includes a computerized electro dermal health assessment which, using special technology, assesses your body’s functional capacity and food sensitivities.
The comprehensive assessment also focuses on your toxicity levels, general health history & determines the actual state of your health. With the results, we are able to prepare a customised detoxification dietary program that suits your individual health needs & prescribe specialised natural medicines to support your body’s detoxification process & to ensure that you achieve the best possible health outcomes.
Our Detoxification Programmes usually last for between 2-8 weeks, depending on your toxicity levels & your health goals. Through our detoxification Programme, we are able to help you in regaining improved vitality & a cleaner, healthier you, to help you get the best out of life!

How do I know if a detox program will be of benefit to me?

We are all toxic to some degree. Our bodies eliminate, neutralise & excrete toxins that we inhale or ingest daily. Real problems start when the toxic load becomes too much for our bodies & toxins are not eliminated fast enough. Typical signs of toxicity include:

• General aches & pains
• Feeling below par
• Bad breath
• Food sensitivities
• Excess weight
• Low sex drive
• Sluggish digestion
• Mood changes
• Cellulite
• Skin problems

Will I experience any unusual symptoms during my detox?

It is not uncommon to experience the following during your detox
• Mild tiredness for the first few days—so rest adequately & keep up the water,
• Dark urine, possibly with a more noticeable odour, & lower back aches. This is often due to the extra waste being passed through the kidneys,
• Mild headache—initially this may occur when the release of wastes from the cells is greater than the speed at which they are removed from the body – again, drink plenty of water.
You may also experience a withdrawal headache if you are giving up caffeine, sugar or smoking,

• Bowels may be looser for a few days.

How will I feel after a detox program?

A gentle detox program should not leave you feeling weak and wobbly, but rejuvenated & full of energy. Generally you might expect to experience the following:

• Improved digestion
• Improved energy levels
• Improved sleep quality
• Improved condition of hair, skin & nails
• Enhanced mental function
• Relief from bloating
• An initial boost to a weight loss program

Can I detoxify when I am pregnant?

No – detoxification releases wastes which may then be passed on to the baby. It is however, a very good idea for both partners to detoxify before pregnancy. Remember though that sperm & eggs take 3 months to develop so you should aim to finish your detox at least 4 months prior to conception.

Is it safe to detoxify if I am taking prescription medications?

Many prescribed medications can be affected by the detoxification process, although it is unusual for this to require any alteration to their dosage. Our naturopath will be able to advise whether the particular drugs that you are taking are likely to be a problem . If this is the case, we will suggest that you discuss this with your doctor prior to commencing a detox program.

Delicious Detox Dining

Doing a detox does not mean eating dull, flavourless food. Try the following recipes yourself to see how delicious detox dining can be.


1 medium onion, chopped 1 tablespoon oil
1 can brown lentils, drained 1 ½ cups water
1 cup Arborio rice 1 bunch asparagus, chopped
3 cups boiling water, extra 1 ½ X 10g vegetable stock cube or 2 tsps stock powder
1. Heat the oil in a heavy based saucepan. Add onion and saute until soft
2. Add lentils, stock cubes & water. Bring mixture to the boil & simmer for 15 mins. Stir through rice.
3. Gradually add extra boiling water, ½ cup at a time, until liquid has been absorbed, before adding the next
½ cup. Fold through the asparagus, heat for a further 2-3 mins.
HANDY HINT Massel Ultracube stock cubes are 100% vegetable based and contain no animal content


750 g snapper or other firm-fleshed white fish fillets, in 4 pieces
2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tbs rice wine vinegar
1 thin slice fresh ginger, peeled and cut into thin sticks
2 medium carrots, peeled and cut into 5 mm sticks lengthways
60 g snow peas, cut in half lengthways ½ med yellow capsicum, seeded and cut into thin sticks
1. Place fish on a plate in a bamboo steamer. Combine soy & rice wine vinegar & pour over the fish. Top
with ginger & carrot.
2. Fill a pan with water to a depth of 2.5 cm. Bring to a simmer. Place steamer basket on pan. Steam fish for 5 to 6 mins.
Add snow peas & capsicum. Cover. Steam until fish flakes when touched with the tip of a knife & vegetables are crisp-tender,
about 5 minutes.

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