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Are you seeking that elusive permanent treatment for digestive problems, chronic fatigue (adrenal exhaustion), women’s hormonal problems, weight loss, anxiety/depression or IBS? Vital Health and Natural Medicine is a Naturopath for Taylors Lakes providing cures for a range of complaints for which conventional medicine has no answer.

We use a ‘testing-not-guessing’ approach to understand the underlying cause of your health issue, and a whole-being approach to treatment. As a reputable naturopath for Taylors Lakes, we provide results within a month – if you don’t see results, we’ll return your money.

IBS Treatment In Taylors Lakes

IBS affects many women, especially those in high-stress professions, struggling to find a work-life balance. Balance in life is achieved not just by counting the hours one is at work or at leisure. It is about the whole health of the body and the mind. In fact, the strong tradition of naturopathy suggests that the health of one determines the other.

We offer an effective IBS treatment for Taylors Lakes clients. With our IBS treatment Taylors Lakes, IBS sufferers can suffer no more!

Leaky Gut Treatment In Taylors Lakes

More and more research into gut flora is being linked to mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, even autism. While ‘leaky gut’ is not well understood, the intestinal cell injury that this term describes has been linked to immune diseases, asthmas, and type 1 diabetes.

Vital Health’s leaky guy treatment for Taylors Lakes uses probiotics and nutrients to begin to repair the digestive injury. We will first perform a ‘full function’ evaluation and will prescribe targeted supplements as a part of our leaky gut treatment for Taylors Lakes.

Remember: suffering is not the norm! Visit Vital today and fell well again.

Weight Loss Programs In Taylors Lakes

Have you tried every new fashionable diet but, no matter what you try, losing those extra kilos is proving impossible? Ironically, it might be the dieting itself that is contributing to your weight loss issues.

While consideration of what you eat is important in any weight loss program for Taylors Lakes, diets that aren’t calibrated to the metabolic rate of the individual can have the opposite effect to their intention. For a weight loss program for Taylors Lakes’ customers that is tailored to your digestion, come to Vital Health.


Vital Health and Natural Medicine and its principal Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli offers solutions to complex and everyday health concerns including:

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