Naturopath In Sydenham

Naturopathy is founded on an ethos of caring for the being as a whole, using no toxic chemicals, unleashing the potential of natural remedies. Vital Health and Natural Medicine is a naturopath for Sydenham that won’t just treat the symptom of disease but find the cure, cutting off the cause of unwellness at the root.

Vital Health has eighteen years of clinical experience, taking a sorely-needed “test, don’t guess” approach to your health. In a highly toxic world, naturopathy is more and more necessary for bodily cleansing, for wellness of body and mind. For their naturopath Sydenham customers needn’t go further than Vital Health.

Weight Loss Programs In Sydenham

Are you wishing you could get rid of extra fat or weight, sagging skin, cellulite? Wanting to achieve more muscle definition? Vital Health and Natural Medicine can help. Our weight loss programs for Sydenham are gentle programs, the results of which will be sustainable. It does not use any toxic chemicals, and adjusts the program according to your metabolism. For weight loss programs for Sydenham customers that will take off the weight and keep it off, visit Vital Health.


Vital Health and Natural Medicine and its principal Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli offers solutions to complex and everyday health concerns including:

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