Naturopath In Keilor

Vital Health and Medicine have been treating illnesses that evade conventional cures. The practice represents eighteen years of clinical experience.

We’re a naturopath for Keilor deploying a highly effective ‘testing-not-guessing’ approach, one which gets to the root of the problem. We provide reliable treatment for such issues as digestive problems, chronic fatigue (adrenal exhaustion), women’s hormonal problems, weight loss, anxiety/depression and IBS. As a dependable naturopath for Keilor patients, we guarantee results in one month, or your money back.

IBS Treatment In Keilor

Many suffer with IBS without knowing it. And many who do have IBS are too often told (often by GPs) that they merely need to ‘put up with it’, that there is no cure, at least not yet. But not only is it unpleasant and disheartening to continue suffering IBS, it can also lead to deteriorations in your general health.

For an effective IBS treatment Keilor patients should visit Vital Health and Natural Medicine. Common stressors for professional people can often trigger IBS issues, so if this sounds like you, why not visit us – and finally be cured!

Anxiety Treatment In Keilor

At Vital Health and Natural Medicine, we believe an effective anxiety treatment for Keilor must be holistic if it is to be treated effectively. The causes can be complex and mutually reinforcing, including blood sugar imbalance, which may be masquerading as anxiety, or a sign that personal change and growth is required. Many anti-anxiety treatments prescribed by GPs are band-aid solutions that will provide relief from symptoms but will keep you locked in the cycle of anxiety. For a lasting anxiety treatment Keilor residents should come to Vital Health.

Leaky Gut Treatment In Keilor

Overwhelming evidence has begun to accumulate in the scientific community that poor digestive health is the root cause of much more complex, apparently unrelated conditions, such as asthma, type 1 diabetes, allergies, even autism. Health practitioners will continue to treat these ‘surface’ issues, without appreciating the underlying cause. Luckily, there is a wealth of leaky gut treatment for Keilor patients in the naturopathic tradition. The more things change the more they stay the same! For a lasting leaky gut treatment Keilor residents can visit Vital Health.  

Weight Loss Programs In Keilor

Many ordinary people struggle with weight loss. What’s more, weight gain and obesity is on the rise in Australia, so it is clearly an issue that a large proportion of the population are struggling with. While there are many diets out there, the very notion of a ‘fat-busting diet’ that ‘everyone must try’ is a misnomer. This is because weight loss programs for Keilor customers should be tailored to the metabolism of the customer. Different people will have different relationships to certain food groups. Vital Health’s weight loss programs for Keilor customers reflect this. Call us today for more information on our weight loss program.


Vital Health and Natural Medicine and its principal Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli offers solutions to complex and everyday health concerns including:

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