Naturopath In Essendon

Naturopathic treatments have been utilised over centuries of practice, using only natural ingredients in all medicines, eliminating all the toxic side-effects of man-made synthetic medicines. The principle behind naturopathy is holistic medicine – wellness for the whole body, not just symptoms and individual parts affected by disease and disorder.By consulting with an experienced Naturopath near Essendon, illnesses that resist treatment by conventional medicine are treated by a holistic model that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Vital Health and Medicine and its principle Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli have eighteen-years’ experience curing stubborn illness.For their local Naturopath Essendon residents can visit Vital Health and Natural Medicine. Restore wellness today.

IBS Treatment Essendon

The symptoms of IBS are a common complaint of many in the community, yet IBS often goes undiagnosed, is little understood and poorly treated (when it is treated at all). A key underlying cause of IBS is stress, resulting in poor gut function – in fact, gut-related health problems are rising in Western society. For effective, lasting IBS treatment, Essendon residents can come to Vital Health and Natural Medicine. Our IBS treatment for Essendon will endeavour to understand and treat the triggers of IBS, not just the symptoms by rehabilitating the gut function.

Anxiety Treatment In Essendon

With local GPs, and psychologists, there’s an all-too-common approach. Practitioners write a prescription for strong, addictive medicines, such as Xanax and Valium, without adequate follow up. This ‘set-and-forget’ approach leaves patients vulnerable, especially those with a disposition toward addictive behaviour (often correlated with anxiety and depression).

For an anxiety treatment near Essendon that takes the whole body and mind into account, you should come to Vital Health and Natural Medicine. With our anxiety treatment Essendon patients will experience restored balance, calmness and wellness.

Leaky Gut Treatment In Essendon

Are you experiencing leaky gut? Common symptoms or signs might be chronic diarrhoea, nutritional deficiencies, skin rashes, excessive fatigue, poor immunity, sugar cravings, immune deficiencies. As you can see, the signs and symptoms are numerous. The cause of these symptoms is a leaky gut, or hyper permeability and this condition can be tested by a urine sample sent to a nutritional lab.

Our approach is to test vigorously, and through using only gentle, natural remedies for leaky gut treatment near Essendon, gut symptoms are removed and a sense of wellness returns. For an actual, permanent leaky gut treatment, Essendon locals can trust Vital Health and Natural Medicine.

Weight Loss Programs In Essendon

Looking for a weight loss program in Essendon with a difference? Too many faddish diets are in fact counterproductive to weight loss, representing a misguided ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to weight loss. In contrast, we will take the time to understand what foods are right for your metabolism, to encourage the natural rhythm of your metabolism to consume the energy from food effectively and with balance. Not all foods affect all people in the same way, which is why an effective weight loss program for Essendon customers must be personalised.


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