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Areas We Service

Our Naturopathic Service Areas

We work with people from across Australia, including people in our local destination of Melbourne. We do have an in-house office in the western suburbs of Melbourne that can cater for face to face consultations.

The clinic does operate all over Australia, as functional tests are encouraged before consultations, if not local. All testing can be coordinated by mail, as they are all home kits and we can discuss your results and treatment via Telehealth appointments – on Zoom.

So it doesn’t matter where you are located, Vital Health and Natural Medicine can consult from any area.

At Vital Health and Natural Medicine, we love helping our clients return to vital health so they can finally move past chronic wellness issues for good. The first step is a free 20 minute phone consult,  where we discuss your goals, symptoms, and concerns – and evaluate if partnering with Vital Health is the best next step for you at this time.