Vital Energy Boost Program

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How to Increase Your Energy Naturally

Forget about energy drinks! Low energy or Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or lack of energy that does not go away when you rest. It can affect both women and men. You may feel fatigued in body or mind (physical or psychological fatigue). Most of the time fatigue can be caused by a poor response to physical exertion, poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom, or lack of sleep. Using Organic Acids testing, a unique chemical profile of a patient’s cellular health can be obtained. The testing procedure measures the overflow or build-up of intermediate organic acid products in the urine, determining where ‘aberrations’ are occurring in metabolic pathways. The organic acid tests assess a wide range of cellular and physiological processes including intestinal dysbiosis, energy production, nutrient cofactor requirements and neurotransmitter metabolism.

The Benefits of  the Vital Energy Boost Program are:

  • Better Brainpower – improves your mental function, which can help you improve your clarity of mind, helping you be more productive.
  • Reduce Stress Levels – can help you to reduce stress levels and improve your  mood.  It can also change the way you interact with family and friends.
  • Improved Energy – a big benefit is that you’ll enjoy an improved energy level.

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