February 13, 2014

Computerized Electro-Dermal Testing to assist in designing a Detox programme for you

Many people today suffer from allergies. Allergies can be the result of eating bio-incompatible foods over a period of time. Allergic reactions are accumulative and a […]
February 18, 2014

The Importance of Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

Unexplained food intolerances, allergies, constipation, wind and bloating could end up being one’s constant companion if proactive steps aren’t sought to find out what’s going on? […]
February 20, 2014

Discover How You Can Benefit From At Least 30 Minutes Of Exercise A Day To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis And Other More Serious Degenerative Diseases.

Many people have thrown in the towel with exasperation after hearing the new guidelines for healthy living recommends 30 to 90 minutes of moderate to vigorous […]
February 23, 2014

Having a Neutral PH close to 7 Should Be Our Goal For Both Urine And Saliva

Due to modern life style (stress), eating habits fast foods etc, the kind of food we eat and the things we drink (coffee, alcohol, and so […]